Thursday, 30 December 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Like with most other people, this Mariah Carey song never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit each year. I find that these particular lyrics speak to me:

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is...

It’s not so much that “I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree” – it’s just that Christmas is so much more than that. It isn’t all about the presents. The one thing I truly want each year cannot be bought. And it certainly cannot be wrapped in shiny paper and topped off with a big bow. I just want my friends and family to all be happy and healthy.

But this aside, presents at Christmas are a nice idea. It is lovely to be considered by friends and family, you know? You feel special. You feel loved.

It doesn’t matter whether they’ve spent a fiver on you or more – they have parted with their money because of YOU.

And price is not representative of how brilliant the gift is either. The best gifts are those that have been tailored to YOU and you only. This shows real thought. That the person in question knows the ‘real’ you and had you in mine when buying the gift.

I was a very lucky girl this year. I am not going to bore you with a tediously long list of each and every thing I received (this post has too much text as it is!!). Instead I have a few select images of gifts to share with you:

Lots of socks! LOVE knitted socks with a passion!
I spy wine and a Galaxy bubbles bar also... 

 Ted Baker brushes set, nail foils + James Brown goodies

 I think everyone knows that I love painting my nails! :)

Books glorious books! + this lovely notebook
 The "how to be the perfect housewife" book made me laugh!

Love playing Guitar Hero. Love Twilight. Love Chanel.

And finally, I’ll end on a little story of something that happened over Christmas. Our household has not one, but four cats. One of our feline friends is more of a pig than a cat. He eats day and night and now he is practically triangular – tiny head, massive body. He steals food off of our plates. He chews through sealed packets of food. Over Christmas he hit a new time low. We had a HUGE tray of Danish pastries which were covered with cling film. The next morning we find the cling film CHEWED through and him standing over it looking very pleased with himself! So we surrendered that cake to him:

An unusual sight, yes?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  


  1. Oh dear, however if he managed to chew through the cling film to get to it I'd say air game!

    Have a lovely New Year!


  2. Hello! Thank you very much for your comment! I know how you feel, i was pretty busy during Christmas too. You got some pretty neat stuff for Christmas though! I wish you a very Happy New Year as well! :)


  3. what lovely stuff! i want all that nail varnish!



  4. Happy new year sweety!!! thanks a lot for your comments!!! hope you everything you wished!!! very funnu cat story!!

  5. waauw that's such a great stuff :) that cat story is hilarious :)
    Happy new year!!


  6. What lovely gifts you got. Jealous of the James Brown hair goodies. My local boots seems to have discontinued it, so I have to travel far and wide to get some. Worth it though, amazing hair products! Cute Blog, Happy New Year x

  7. I love cats they are such funny little creatures! lovely nail polishes too

  8. Thanks for your comment.
    I actually got the New Look coat in the January sales last year :)

  9. Thanks for your comment love, I'm so sad Christmas is over! My auntie invited the entire family over for boxing day it was a mad house but so lovely.
    looks like you got some lovely treats, loving the Eclipse dvd! xx

  10. Thanks for following :)
    Great post, you got some lovely presents xx

  11. What a lovely post & blog! Merry Christmas!Great job :) I am now following you! Please check out my blog & if you like it follow me too! xoxox

  12. Fabulous blog! Just like you! Following you :)

  13. What lovely presants you have :] i really wanna watch coco before chanel.
    oh wow your cat gets to eat danish pastrys!? can i be your cat? haha
    thankyou for your comment ^^ it really was so lovely and made me smileee xx

  14. Beautiful stuff!
    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years xx

  15. You got some very nice gifts!
    Love all the nail varnishes, even if I'm usually too lazy to paint my nails! :D


  16. Happy New Year!

    xoxo from rome

  17. Great post! I love the way you write!

  18. I love knitted socks too! I cant wear normal socks, they have to be fluffy or knitted!! And, yes.. its an obsession (:

    Looks like you had a great christmas ;)


  19. Oh my gosh the story about your cat just made me laugh so much :) that's such a fab story! And aw what fab prezzies you got! I got loads of socks too - love it! Happy Christmas and NY x


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