Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

"... but the fire is so delightful".
Never has a song seemed so apt as this one. As much as I love seeing snowflakes fall down from the sky, I'm perhaps a little less excited than most other people about snow. I love it when snow is new and fresh and gives that satisfying crunch under foot when you walk... but I also think ahead to when it melts and reaches that icy, slippery stage that I hate so much. For me, it usually means donning some hideous, clod hopper type trainers in the hope that the extra grips on the soles will save me a fall or two.

This last week, I've mainly been inside avoiding the ice. I've been a little bit under the weather like most people so have been living on Lemsip and soup.

I also went away with my boyfriend for a few days for our anniversary. We stayed in a lovely, little English village a few hours out of  London and the snow made it so much more beautiful. There were many fireplaces to warm up next to after our walks - so although the weather outside was frightful, the fire really was delightful :)

Haven't done an outfit post in a while so thought I'd upload one from the other day that I meant to share but didn't get around to doing! This is my typical warm + comfy around the house attire. Cardigans and thick cable knit socks are a must!

I'm really sorry about the photo. Firstly for its terrible quality (my camera is dying - I really should have put one on my Christmas list). Secondly for the awful pose! I am not a poser in any way - I am merely tall and couldn't fit head to foot in the shot so I had to bend a little bit to get my feet in! :) I got these cable knit socks for Christmas last year and they are so lovely, I felt they deserved a mention. I love the poms poms on them.

Cardigan - Urban Outiftters - love the "pop" of colour - this outfit is too "black + white" without it.
Bandeau top - MK One - not sure they exist anymore as they were having major problems
Black jeans - George at Asda - love these! they're not even skinny fit but are so flattering
Cable knit socks - Christmas present last year - so comfortable, they're on my list again this year!
Watch / bracelet - Topshop - Fearne Cotton owns one of these too. I love her style.

Shopping wise I am trying to behave but gave into temptation from Republic the other day. I fell in love with a couple of cardigans and this cat beanie:

I also have a fascination with rings at the moment. Never used to be bothered by them but now I love them! I am really much more of a cat person than a dog person but I couldn't resist this ring from River Island:

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my posts and follow me as well as those who have left me some lovely comments. It's early days for me yet - as a blogger - but I appreciate all of your support x x 


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  2. Nice post! I hate the snow haha. As long as I'm inside it doesn't matter, but when I have to go outside I really hate it!
    I like your around the house outfit!

  3. cool post. like your ring



  4. Oh I love chunky socks and cardigans for lounging around in too. And that ring is too cool! Sally x

  5. Love the ring and hat! Hope you visit back ;)

  6. I hope your feeling better by now my dear. I think everyone is a little under the weather (myself included) and could do with moe fires and cable knit socks!

    I love that you got the frenh connection dress in two different colour, had my credit card allowed I probably would have done the same!

    I've asked for a new camera for Christmas too but just in case, if you want to load clearer/ bigger pictures open a Flickr Account, upload them on there, right click to see what size to view them in and them copy the site reference into blogger when your uploading pictures (If you go to upload a picture you can do it from file or the web so just add the flickr photo web address into the box).

    Hope that makes sense/ helps!


  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments :) And thank you Dandizette for your photo uploading advice! Think I have a Flickr account somewhere... just need to remember my log in details! x x


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