Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland....

I'll be the first to admit that the word "market" doesn't usually excite me all that much. I'm not against them as such... it's just that whereas other people seem to come back with bargains, I merely just find broken bric-a-brac. And none of it cheap.

Christmas markets on the other hand are a whole different ball game. Yes, prices can still be a little shocking but the stalls themselves are a feast for the eyes. Rows of quaint little wooden chalets lined with twinkling fairy lights. Christmas classics on repeat playing in the background. And the inviting smell of German charcuteries and mulled wine fill the air.

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I recently ventured into London to visit a couple of German style Christmas markets. And as if it couldn't become any more festive, snowflakes began to fall from the sky. And it became uber cold.  Cue numb feet. Even my boyfriend (who walks around in a t-shirt 365 days a year no matter what the weather) felt the chill. I had to buy him his first pair of gloves. Cute.

We checked out Winter Wonderland but most of the rides were a rip-off so we just walked around and taste tested certain foods. I really recommend the seasoned German potato slices and the garlic mushrooms. Some of the garlicky stalls offered you free mints / gum with every purchase... for the dreaded garlic breath afterwards. :)

And the best market stalls?

Firstly, a leather goods stall selling leather bound journals etc. - all really good quality and affordable. Another blogger mentioned this stall - who I really wanted to link to -but I forget who :( I also love the gingerbread stalls - no reason necessary!

Source: orbisnonsufficit via Flickr images
How cute would these look on the tree???

But the stalls to look out for are the jewellery ones. Beautiful hand crafted pieces created with TLC. There was this lovely stall where they actually used real flowers in their designs. Poppies. Forget-me-nots. You name it.

But these were nothing compared to what I call "The Shiny Stall". I love shiny things and these pieces did not disappoint. Sterling silver + swarovski elements = a match made in heaven! And every crystal looked different because of where they were positioned and how the light hit them. I was mesmerised.

At this moment my boyfriend asked me the magic words: "would you like one?" I was really taken aback as we'd said we weren't doing Christmas presents this year (we chose to go away instead). Valentine's Day. Christmas. It doesn't matter - he always does this! Men!!! 

But I really couldn't resist an offer like this. I think he may have regretted asking me as I took about an hour to pick something (no joke! I'm the worst at making decisions!). In the end, it was between a heart shaped cut, a tear drop cut or a slightly less rounded version of the tear drop. And I chose the latter. It came as an an earring and pendant set in this box:

Pictures cannot do it justice with how the light hits it - but here's one anyway:

Stunning, eh? 

It will always remind me of Him and the lovely, snowy day we spent together in London. :)

Has any one else visited any Christmas markets lately?


  1. that necklace is beautiful!

  2. Awww it really looks like a nice place. I have never been to a christmas market. I would actually like to go to one after seeing this pictures

  3. Aw the necklace is so pretty! Great choice! And I loved winter wonderland too it was so festive and full of lots of silly fun. Such a good day out, even though I did freeze and get soaked ha! And as for the leather journals stall I've seen a post on that on charlotteshadoverheels x

  4. Oh I really love the atmosphere of christmas markets.
    I visited one in Brussels and for NYE I´m going to Paris and Versailles to do them too.

    x Laura

  5. There arent any Christmas markets here I guess :( SO no, I haven't been there.
    That necklace and earrings are gorgeous pieces!

  6. so cute! Love the pics! Thanks for the lovely comment- sorry haven't been able to reply in ages! Hope you visit back :) Plus back to blogging !

  7. This place looks so amazing!


  8. That necklace is so pretty! What a lovely remembrance!! I love Christmas markets.. I recently went to the one in Florence, and I didn't know where to look first!! And I tasted the most delicious german apple strudel there ^-^

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion


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