Friday, 21 January 2011

A fruitless trail at the January sales

It is unbelievable how the word “sale” in big, red letters can provoke such excitement. Some people even camp out over night. This is no film première or celebrity book signing. This effort and sacrifice of a warm bed is all for the “s” word. Especially when the “s” in question is a famous “s” in London – Selfridges. I have never been to their sale nor do I ever plan to. Pictures in the press and on the news are warning enough. Go and be squished like the fruit in an Innocent smoothie. Or stay home in the warm. I know what I’d prefer.

We often have high expectations of the sales. But this ideal rarely matches the reality. Ideally everything is 50% off or more. Ideally the expensive things you’ve waited your whole life for are there. Ideally you return home with lots of things and yet your bank account isn’t suicidal. The reality: piles of clothes are thrown everywhere. Many things are missing buttons or have dodgy zips. Those shoes you like are in fact two left feet. And this so called 50% sale? Lies. Read the small print: “50% off certain items” And don’t get me started on the “WAS… NOW…” sales tickets. This is just a ploy to make people think; wow, this used to be quite expensive. What a bargain. It’s not. This is a sly trick. It’s probably just £2 off or something measly like that. Meaning that your “bargains” are not really the bargains you were hoping for. Epic fail.

I personally found the sales quite disappointing this year. Some of the January sales in fact started before January. This is cheating. So I the muppet, had a peek online on boxing day and all the good stuff had already been snapped up. But I won’t name names. Don’t worry your identity is safe with me, “Stream”.

During the sales I have my “sales face” on (where I resolve to buy nothing but sales stock). This is easier said than done. The “New In” section is just too tempting. Suddenly the majority of my basket is non-sale. Argh. And how annoying is it when a non-sale (and may I add, tagless) item works its way into the sale section? When scanned at the till, you exclaim: “HOW MUCH?!” Lordy.

Another question I ask myself is what size clothing should you buy post-Christmas? I always feel a little bit fat in the New Year after countless drinks and party food over the festive season. Do I buy my usual size and trust I will shed the pounds in the New Year? Or do I embrace my new found chubbiness because hey, it’s the sale and clothes are slightly cheaper than usual? Is it wrong to purchase something that is too small or too big just because it’s cheap? Hello gorgeous cardigan. Oh but wait, you’re an extra large? That’s ok. I’m not sizeist. You are gorgeous and I need you in my life.

And the big question; is it really worth it to get up early on the first day of the sales?
Were any of you brave enough to try it this year?
I wasn’t able to sales shop until four days later - but I still found some brilliant things:

 Next - stunning bag with purse in matching fabric
 River Island - hoody which looks massive but is a small
(apparently). I love the long length and the soft fabric.

 Close up. I just love the knitted pattern!

I also got some shoes from ASOS and Office (mentioned in this post).
And a dress from New Look (featured here).

Sorry that I have been MIA lately.
I’ve been busy with applications, interviews and the alike. Busy times! 
As January is soon ending, I thought I’d write this little review on the January sales. 

Did you get anything nice in the sales this year? x x


  1. Great post!! Soo true, I literally dispise the sales but my boyfriend loves them so dragged me round them on the day after boxing day :\ I didn't get anything (but pushed and shoved and rudeness!) but he got a fair amount, and a fair amount of non - sale stuff too.
    I prefer charity shops and eBay myself and, as revenge, forced my boy to come charity shopping with me.. where he found 3 of the tops he'd purchased in the sale from Topman for about £1.50 each! Just proving to him that if you browse charity shops instead of sales you can get the same great items at much beter quality (charity shops don't sell broken items!) at a cheaper price.
    You got some great items in the sale though :)
    - R x

  2. I know from experience in retail, when they say 50% off, they don't say off what. You automatically think if something is say £10, it must have been £20 before and that makes you want it. Not always so. I only buy things in sales I know I wanted before the sales.

  3. I hate the sales. Everything looks like it's already been worn and is more often than not faulty.
    However, this year I did find a few bargains in Accessorize. A lot of their stuff was 70% off...I don't often shop in there because I do think some of their stuff can be overpriced but their sale was one of the best I've been too [not that I go to many...]

  4. I too found the sales a little disappointing this year but I mange to find a few treats =) I like the jumper you picked out, it looks really warm and all those stripes are great =)

    Hannah xx

  5. Great post :)

    I thought the sales on the whole were quite disappointing this year - however, I still managed to buy a ridiculous amount of stuff in the end - so I suppose they can't have been that bad..!

    The vast majority of my sales purchases were made online though - partly because I was really ill over Christmas/New Year so couldn't physically make it into town to go shopping.

    Love the bits you've shown us - the bag is so pretty & that hoodie is gorgeous. I want it! It looks so snuggly & cozy..

    Thanks for your previous comments - I do appreciate them, & I really like that you write 'proper' comments, where you can tell you've actually read the post & have something to say, rather than a generic comment - sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - I am rubbish. No excuses. I just am rubbish. But I am now going to follow you, so expect to see me around a bit more often!

  6. What great pieces! I love that purse, and the pattern on the jacket is super cute! Great finds!

    VPV Intern

  7. I love this post, the way you write really makes me laugh.
    "That’s ok. I’m not sizeist." in particular made me giggle, ahaha :) x

  8. Great choices! Sales make me nervous!

  9. Liking the knitted pattern, too.

  10. I really like the jacket.Great buys!


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