Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Till we see the sun, march on

Yes, I did just quote a Good Charlotte song. Why not? It’s a good tune. Plus it seemed the obvious choice what with it being sunny and the month of March. This sudden – and may I add welcome – glimpse of sun has put me in the mood for light, floaty attire and not to mention, my need to channel my current affinity with sheer blouses. 

Seeing Tyra wearing a gorgeous example of a shirt on the latest cycle of ANTM has done nothing to curb this obsession of mine:

How beautiful is that colour? And don’t even get me started on the shoes…

This week I’ve been…
  • Having a chocolate fest
Magic Stars, MaltEaster bunnies and Mikado sticks are what make the world go round!

  • Loving More magazine’s new look
It’s made me fall in love with More even more (if that’s even possible!)

  • Experimenting with Barry M's Instant Nail Effects
I paired mine with this lovely mint colour that I received for Christmas. Love it – even though my nails remind me a little bit of circuit boards…

  • Eating sushi
There’s a great Japanese place nearby that does a lunch time offer for about £5. Salad and rice comes with every meal but you get to choose what protein and sushi rolls you want. And the choice of Japanese tea or Miso soup. I had the soup, cucumber rolls and teriyaki salmon. Nom nom.

  • Eagerly anticipating the release of Chalet Girl next week
It looks really funny and has some great names in it (Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey and Ed Westwick…er, HELLO!)

 (Video courtesy of YouTube)

In news, I was invited to be part of some Market Research in central London today. It was a paid survey on looking for jobs (something that I know only too well!). Although the money was good, I feared for its life. Having Topshop and New Look nearby meant that my earnings could potentially be in jeopardy. Particularly with my current sheer shirts / blouses obsession.

I turned up on time but was sent home. Why? Because the survey was over subscribed. Under normal circumstances, I’d be majorly peeved about the time and money it took to travel there. But being paid the envelope of cash I was expecting any way (despite not being needed) was very nice indeed. Was in and out within 5 minutes – instead of the 2 hours I was expecting. A lovely end to the day.

And I may have popped into New Look briefly… where I may have bought a sheer blouse…

 I am terrible.


  1. I love magic stars but never knew you could get them in huge packets! I'll be on the look out for those!
    Your nails look so good, I tried the instant effect coat with the same mint base colour but the pattern didn't seem to go on to my nails as well as it did on yours :) x

  2. Love that sheer blouse! I love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


  3. I love magic stars!
    Also loving Tyra's shoes, sushi and i'm excited for Chalet Girl. Ed Westwick with his British accent YES PLEASE!xx

  4. Tyra looks amazing! :)
    and yummm.. chocolate!!xxx

    Lovely blouse too, and also I have been trying out Barry M instant effect and I looooove it! :) It looks great with a glittery colour underneath
    great blog maybe check out mine?

  5. Oh that sushi lunch looks really good!

  6. The blouse Tyra's wearing is just amazing! That colour is so gorgeous, I love earthy tones like that. And that sushi has made me so hungry, ahhhh.... I haven't had sushi in such a long time, hah!


  7. Tyra looks hot as always! mm magic stars my fav but supposed to be off them for lent! Ah More mag i love it, haven't got it this week though haven't really been out of the house! Great post xx

  8. Tyra's outfit is amazing!I love her top and shoes!And the blouse you bought is lovely!

  9. That sushi lunch looks so delicious! The ginger salad dressing is my favorite part!

  10. Nothing wrong with having the occasional chocolate fest, its my time of the month at the moment so ive been eating lots of it! My favourite chocolate is white kinder bueno and white malteasers, white crunch bar... i've been eating tonne of chocoalte (white chocolates my favourite) NOM. :D that sushi looks yummy too, xx

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments - I will endeavour to reply to as many as possible :)

  12. @ Tess: Magic Stars big packets, oh yes! It made my day when I discovered these - the small packs just aren't big enough! :) I think there's a lot of trial and error with Nail Effects. I've found that the final result is dependant on how thick / thin a layer you paint on. I re-painted mine at the weekend with the same colours and they look completely different to before.

    @ Annabelle Fleur: Thank you! I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the massive bell sleeves but they can be easily taken in if needs be! I love your blog!

    @ Nicole Richie Anonymous: I'm all booked up for Chalet Girl now - exciting! :)

  13. @ Hannah: Thank you! And using a glittery colour with Nail Effects is a really good idea of yours. I'm on the hunt for gold / silver nail polish as we speak :) You have a lovely blog!

    @ Michelle of The Feather Den: I'm suddenly thinking that that sushi was a real bargain! I went somewhere else recently and they were doing virtually the same thing for double the price! :S I agree, the colour of Tyra's blouse is too perfect for words!

    @ Suzin S: Ahhh sorry for the chocolate overload! :S I gave up chocolate once for a few months to raise money for charity - it was so difficult as I love my chocolate!

  14. @ Rania K: Thank you so much :) the blouse I got was a little too big for me but luckily I managed to exchange it for a smaller one in the sale yesterday :)

    @ Kelly: Ohhh the ginger is my least favourite part! Particularly the bright red / orange kind! I'll save you all my ginger in the future! :D

    @ Courtney: So you like white chocolate best then? Haha! :D It's not my favourite... but I remember really liking milky bar buttons and white Crunch bars. I wonder if they still do them?

  15. I've been loving sheer blouses too lately, so chic and subtly sexy- the one you picked up is awesome! xx

    p.s glad you still got paid! That's kind of even better!

  16. @ Fifth Sparrow: Thanks for your message :) A girl who stayed for the survey said it was the most boring thing ever and that I was really lucky being sent home with the cash :D


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