Monday, 21 March 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

This morning I woke up to a lovely little surprise - Fran from Nicole Richie Anonymous had awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much for this, Fran :)

When you receive the award you need to say seven things about yourself and pass the award onto seven blogs that you enjoy. So here goes...

Seven Things:

I am a shoe-a-holic and I have too many shoes. I dare not count them in fear that I’ll be in for a bit of a shock! You know you have a problem when you buy several pairs of shoes that all look exactly the same:

I don’t wear make-up. Well… I only wear eye liner and mascara. I haven’t used foundation or blusher or anything on my skin since I was at school. As a teen I had terrible skin and I used to hide under make-up. As soon as I gave up make-up, my skin completely cleared up - so that was it for me. I also had the “which shade?” dilemma. I am so deadly pale, every foundation or concealer I ever used looked orange on me. So nowadays I remain pale and ghost-like – unless I go away on holiday that is!

I love cats. I have four and I’m fast becoming known as “the cat lady” amongst my friends.

I am a tad obsessed with eBay. I am forever selling away my life on there. The slightest hint of a free listing day, and I will jump at the chance! This weekend I listed 36 items – no joke!
I was very nearly a runner for Simon Cowell once. But I had to turn it down as I was studying at the time and had too many major deadlines approaching. To this day I still wonder; what if?

I have recently been saddened by the disappearance of Lauren (Noir Nouvelle) from Blogger. Her blog was one of my absolute favourites and she was such an inspiration to myself and lots of others. Recently some people noticed that some very distinctive aspects of her blog were turning up on other blogs. I know that Lauren was very upset by this as she put a lot of time and money into her blog. Myself and other readers of Lauren's blog were furious at the copycats for upsetting her like this and not even having the decency to apologise or ask her permission before copying parts of her blog. I’ll be even more disgusted with these individuals if I learnt that they were the reason that Noir Nouvelle ceases to exist. Wherever Lauren is now, I hope that she is ok.

And the seventh thing? Talking about me just seems so inappropriate the moment what with has gone on in Christ Church and Japan lately. I know people in both places and thankfully they are all safe. My hearts goes out to all those affected and their families.

Seven Blogs:

Noir Nouvelle – even though Noir Nouvelle seems to be no more, I’m sending this to Lauren anyway as she really does deserve an award.

LUCYJOURNALS – No, there is no name bias here (I am a Lucy too). Lucy at LUCYJOURNALS has the most incredible style and I am very  jealous of her (mainly) Topshop filled wardrobe. Her blog posts are always very entertaining and bring a smile to my face.

Heads Over Heels – I really admire Charlottte’s use of layering in her outfit posts – she gets 
it right every time. She IS the Queen of layering.

Two Eyes In The Mirror – Ashley not only features stunning outfit posts in stunning locations, but she is also super friendly. Her writing is friendly, witty, personal and a joy to read.

Bits and Bobs – Helen’s blog is so versatile and really deserves this award. As well as outfit posts and keeping us to up to date with her life, she also writes the most incredible film reviews.

LUCYBOOTS – Another Lucy! I have only discovered LUCYBOOTS recently and already I have serious hair envy! I love the chatty, personal way in which she writes.

Glitter, Tears and Trauma – Another recent find! Suzi is an absolute stunner and has the cutest blog. I’m so jealous of her new car!


  1. I'm a shoeaholic too! I can always justify buying a pair of shoes.


  2. congrats on the award!
    i love that you have all those shoes that are like the same, it's awesome.
    and that's crazy you were almost his runner, i love him haha!
    i wish i could wear no makeup, its hard to just give it up , oh well!

    once again, congrats :)

  3. Your welcome :)
    I like your seven things! the other week I listed about the same amount as you! The post office will not be impressed!xx

  4. awww this is so lovely lucy lucy lucy :)
    <3 from one lucy to another.
    and LOL at your shoes woman! hahahaaa xx

  5. Thanks so much! I really appreciate you passing the award off to me, and I'm glad to learn more about you. My make-up broke me out when I was in school, too, and I didn't realize the connection between my acne and it for like, two years. I stopped using it and changed to something else, and my skin has been so clear ever since, except I still have a ton of redness so I have to wear green concealer to even it out. :| I'd love to go without it but I'd scare everyone away.

    I was wondering what happened to Lauren. Copycats are the worst, but unfortunately, they're inevitable with success.

  6. I love things like this- i'm a nosey parker so learning more about the person behind a blog is lovely. Your simon cowell opportunity is v interesting! But honestly, you definitely made the right decision to put your education first, and i'm sure you'll find an even better job in the future! x


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