Thursday, 31 March 2011


Blogs can make the simplest of garments highly sought after when your favourite blogger features it and shows you The Way to wear it. Cue a mad dash to Topshop / Primark / wherever it is to locate said item. It can then go one of two ways:

1. You’re not the only one lusting over it – hence this item has now sold out *boo!*

2. You give in to temptation, find it and buy it, feeling very pleased with yourself. That is until the next time you’re out - wearing it - and you spot your twin on the bus. And on the train. And in Starbucks. And you find many more clones around town. Gorgeous high street clothing? Yes. Unique with your own sense of identity? No.

If you truly want to be unique and own a one-of-a-kind garment that is unlikely to be seen all over the place, try the vintage section at Click on whatever takes your fancy and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find “ONLY 1 IN STOCK!” on display.

You can click “add to bag” and be rest assured that you won’t see many dresses / jumpers like these around. And usually at around £30 a pop, these are prices that won’t have you filing for bankruptcy. Chunky knits from certain high street stores can be £10-15 more expensive at least. You are essentially paying extra money to look like everyone else. Visit Yayer today and pay less for something a little more unique.

Although there are many other rival websites and LookBooks out there, Yayer has a LookBook that holds its own. Despite the busy backgrounds and splashes of colour featured, the garments aren’t overshadowed and still stand out. Now that’s impressive.

What’s also nice about Yayer’s LookBook is that their models are normal looking. That is to say healthy looking instead of scarily skinny. And minus the haunting, hollow cheekbones seen on so many supermodels today. Normal and healthy is good. Yes, the models used are still insanely pretty, but their “normalcy” works here. It means that our attention is on the clothes – not on the how-do-they-do-it? beauty of the models.

Right, I have blabbered on for long enough about my love for Yayer. I feel that I must share the beauty that is their collection with you all so you can see for yourselves. Here are my favourite items currently on the website:

 This is the perfect day to night transition piece.
I would wear it with shorts during the day and a dress underneath for a night out.
I would clinch it in at the waist with a belt and team with wedges.

This dress is just perfect for lazy, summer days spent in the park.
I can imagine myself wearing this to a picnic with friends.
I would wrap a shawl around my shoulders once night fell.

Another great transitional piece for spring / autumn
where it's a bit chilly, but not cold enough for a coat.
I would team this with a long turquoise necklace for a splash of colour.
And maybe some feathers to play up the tribal / native style.

A cape / shawl like this would be perfect for the picnic I alluded to earlier.
The wine colour is divine and it looks perfect styled with relaxed, boho style hair.
Again, I would incorporate some turquoise for a bit of colour contrast.

Some pieces have sold out but that’s to be expected really. After all, the styling on their website is done to perfection. Slouchy, chunky knits teamed with shorts, tights and the oh-so-hot-right-now hat of the moment. There’s no faulting it. With gorgeous garments like these on offer, I’m not surprised that they sell out quickly.

But don’t just take my word for it – check out the website for yourselves. For a gorgeous selection of modern and vintage pieces, visit:

You can also find Yayer on Facebook and Twitter.

...I have recently just joined Twitter myself. Come find me: Lucy_Angele

What do you think of Yayer?


  1. Hmm, I've never heard of them before but I'm seeing some things I really like. I wonder if they ship to the United States.

    The nice thing about your UK stores (or, at least the ones that are online and ship internationally, like Topshop) for me is that no one else I know will have it because it's from the UK! I imagine those stores are a bit like how Forever 21 and such is here, though...I hate buying things from there because someone else is guaranteed to have it and/or everyone knows exactly where it came from.

    I also appreciate the normal looking models AND the realistic styling!

  2. Thanks for our comment, not to look like a stalker but I'm now following. But yes! I know what you mean, I've just bought a Topshop tunic from eBay as it was sold out in the shop so I'll probably find men and women alike wearin it on my next trip into town.
    The site looks pretty swell actually I'll have a peep, look magazine annoyed me though a while back buy advertising a dress from a site similar to this, what's the point in putting a one-in-stock vintage item in a national magazine? Ha I'm such a ranter

  3. Love it, I just popped onto the website now and after I follow you I'm going to shop a little lol!

  4. Great post :)

    I've seen this Yayer site on lots of blogs recently, but still haven't got round to checking it out (although, that's probably a good thing - I'm sure my bank account is appreciating my self restraint!)

  5. Amazing post!!!Thanks for sharig!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments :)

    @ Ashley: I know what you mean! That's why I love ordering from the US Urban Outfitters - they have so many things that the UK U.O doesn't sell over here :S

    @ Eloise: I saw your blog post about your Topshop tunic - it's gorgeous! I don't blame you hunting it down on eBay :) That's terrible that a magazine would feature a one-of-a-kind item! Can you imagine the public race / fight to buy it first?? Insane!

    @ heartshapedbruise: Good call! I've seen lots of things on Yayer that I love but a) I can't afford them all and b) I'm trying to go cold turkey from buying things online for a while. Although I did make an exception with New Look last weekend because there was a 20% off offer :)


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