Sunday, 24 April 2011

Coachella 2011

I am going to be completely honest with you. I am a festival virgin. I have had my fair share of concerts but never a festival. I would love to experience one one year. Although I fear I will be ogling other people’s outfits rather than paying attention to whoever’s on stage... And who can blame me? Wavy locks, denim cut offs, bold prints… they all scream Festival Chic.

I'm just never lucky enough to get tickets - they sell out so quickly. This is no surprise. When you’ve got a line-up that includes Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and Ellie Goulding, tickets are bound to disappear like… well…cookies from my cookie jar (I disgust myself with the amount of cookies I can put away…).

There is many a festival to choose from worldwide but my ultimate festival experience choice? 
Coachella blatantly.

Set in California, it would give me the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to visit America (I’ve never been - deprived much?) This year, Coachella took place on April 15-17th and although it’s been over for a week now, the outfit pictures still live on and do not cease to fascinate me.

Here are some of my favourite celebrity looks from Coachella 2011:

Jamie Chung - from

 Kate Bosworth - from

 Harley Viera-Newton - from Harper's

Alexa Chung - from Harper's Bazaar. com 

 Nicole Richie - from Harper's Bazaar. com

Isabel Lucas - from

However you don’t have to be famous and have many a penny / dollar / euro to your name to look good. Check out these stylish individuals who make me feel proud to be on the non-celeb “team”:

From Harper's 

From Harper's 

 From Harper's

From Harper's

Get the look: Festival chic

L-R Topshop £22, Topshop £45, ASOS £35
Topshop £22, Miss Selfridge £30, River Island £12

While I have not booked up for any festivals in 2011, I will still be rocking fringing, denim cut offs and feathers all the same - just you try and stop me!


  1. Love this post. Coachella is definitely top of my to-go-to festival list. Love your picks xx

  2. i too am a festival virgin but the pricey tickets put me off - for £200 i would rather be off on a beach somewhere then in a field! I do love festival style though :) x

  3. i'm a festival virgin too, but i want this to change soon! thank you for your lovely comment! i adore katy perry (went to see her live, soooo good!) so that is just the most amazing comment!:Dxxx

  4. Oh they all look so chic and stunning, I wish I was there. Coachella is up there in my list of must do festivals. I was a festival virgin until last year when I went for my 21st. It was the most AMAZING time of my life. Literally loved it so much I've got tickets to again this year. Honestly if you love music then try and get tickets for one, I would recommend :) x


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