Thursday, 7 April 2011

An ode to wedges

Oh how I love you.
You can do no wrong.

You are still pretty and I will always love you.
But you do not offer the same sort of support.
With you, I wobble like a jelly and walk slower than an OAP.

You are my summer staple for 2011.
Yes, I have millions of shoes.
But not nearly enough wedges.
Please come to my house and live with me?
I promise I’ll take you to lots of summer barbecues.
For now, I shall lust over members of your family:
 ASOS HAZE Ruched Strap Wedge - £45.00

 Chockers "Petunia" Wedges - £30.00

 Chockers "Petunia" Wedges - £30.00
Monsoon Berry Rafia Wedge Sandals - £60.00

Steve Madden WILDD Wedges - $129.95

I love you all. Please know that.


  1. Love the Chocker's wedges and the Monsoon pair xx

  2. i love them too !
    really love them !
    actually wedges , it is my lovely partner <33
    love Chockers "Petunia" wedges


  3. I share your love for wedges! They're much better than heels.. even though I love them too! I love the last ones, trust them to be the most expencive ha!

  4. wow. i LOVE the ASOS pair...SO AMAZING, I WAAAANT THEM! haha! thanks for your comment, they are quite high, but surprisingly comfortable and very easy to walk in!!
    awesome blog, im following you :)

  5. Hey chicky, thanks for your lovely comments. Loving the ode to wedges. Love and need them all. Fab post.

    Hope your having a lovely sunny sunday.
    mwah xoxo

  6. love the ethnic inspired wedge from ASOS and the floral ones from Steve Madden. Great blog u've got here.

  7. the last three pairs of shoes I have bought have been wedges. Theyre so perfect for s/s and i love the height they give you.

    Helen, X

  8. Lovely blog, I love all your photos on the blog and it just gives off a really fun vibe. Want to follow each other?

  9. Ha ha! Love the poem and I couldn't agree more about wedges, My two favourite pairs of shoes at the moment are wedges :) xxx

  10. the monsoon pair are beautiful. and i never would have thought to look in monsoon for shoes...

    oh dear, bye bye bank balance ;) xoxo


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