Thursday, 14 April 2011

Picture Perfect

Some say a picture can say a thousand words. I feel they say so much more.

Pictures can mean different things to different people. Many see bats negatively and associate them with Halloween, vampires, demons, etc. This portrayal apparently dates back to Medieval Europe. Whereas in the East, bats are a symbol of good fortune.

Pictures mean a lot to me. I'm always taking photos – even pictures of my food in restaurants (which drives my boyfriend mad!). There’s nothing better than sorting out your belongings and finding an old photograph that you’d forgotten about. The memories come flooding back. You feel all nostalgic and reminisce about that one special day.

What pictures and paintings do you have on display?
Photos of loved ones? Landscapes / scenery?

I love the idea of inspirational quotes framing my bedroom walls. I think this will be a future project of mine. If it can be sorted “on the cheap”. As much as I love the light blue “Keep Calm and Carry On” framed pictures, a lot of them are quite expensive.

Image found on Google

There are other (far cheaper) things that you can frame. Never say never.

Like a certain print / material? Get a hold of some and drape it across your walls or put it in a glass frame. Or take a leaf out of my book… and frame a jigsaw puzzle:

Over Christmas, there’s this family tradition where we have a jigsaw puzzle marathon (like you do!) which lasts days. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a jigsaw puzzle.

We loved the French essence of this one with the wine and various cheeses. It reminded us of happy times we’ve spent in France over the years.

Once assembled, the picture meant something else to us – it represented teamwork and achievement. All of our family had helped to put it together and after all the hours we’d invested into it, the final picture was very rewarding to see.

It was an absolute bargain – only a couple of pounds from a charity shop – and its nice knowing the money is going to a good cause. The frame came from Hobby Craft and wasn’t expensive either.

Do you have any DIY decorations at home?


  1. Totally love Hobby Craft! There's a Etsy shop that sells the "keep calm and carry on" prints but with different versions. I have the keep calm and snap on one, they have heaps and they all come in different colours if your interested :) xx

  2. I love pictures, I have lots of photo's of friends and family hung on a piece of string with tiny little pegs, and some of my favourite photos framed around my bedroom. I also save lots of pictures/adverts from magazines to frame and display once I have my own place xxx

  3. I take pictures of everything too, I'm quite nostalgic as it is, and love looking back through old albums.. Keep Calm and Carry On is definitely a good one to have- my colleague has the postcard by his computer! x

  4. I've found that now you can print images at places like ASDA my options are wide open for item I can hang on my wall. At the moment I'd love some antlers horns (not real!) to hand my jewelery on. Picturewise, my boyfriend an I have vinyls framed all around our walls. It was SO cheap to do too!

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