Monday, 19 December 2011

6 sleeps ‘til Christmas!

So close to Christmas already and I can shamefully admit that I have neglected my Advent Calendar this year. We’re 19 days in and I haven’t opened a single door. Don’t know what’s up with me. I have one of the chocolate variety and I guess that I’m just not that bothered about chocolate any more. I get the shakes and terrible low blood sugar at times so only really eat it out of necessity these days.
Do you still enjoy Advent Calendars? And are you happy enough with a chocolate offering every day?

There are alternative Advent Calendars out there, mind. One year I might have to treat myself to the Lancôme “All I Want This Christmas” one from Selfridges:

If you could have any Advent Calendar in the world, what would you pick?

I like the idea of a perfume Advent Calendar. A mini bottle of something each day would set you up nicely for the year ahead. But the ultimate Advent Calendar… a small sample size Yankee Candle behind each door. Or any candle for that matter. Particularly festive smelling scents like Christmas tree, satsumas, cinnamon etc.

Having spent pretty much all evening traipsing around Oxford Circus after work trying to finish the Christmas shopping (and subsequently failing to do so), I felt there was no better day to crack the Advent Calendar open.

Lack of camera lead means no Paris pics just yet + crap iPhone quality… hooray(!)

19 bits of chocolate plus a glass of red wine are really hitting the spot right now :) 



  1. I think it is beyond adorable that Brits say "__ sleeps until.." I have no clue why! :p Hope you have a great holiday season

  2. I really love advent calendars, I have 2! I don't know why it's so good since were not limited to eating just one chocolate a day! I think it's the countdown!


  3. I don't have advent calenders anymore but if I could pick one I'd have to choose a Thorntons one, they're chocolate is just... wow!

  4. omg that lancome calendar is amazing! i had a regular chocolate one this year but left it in london when i came home for christmas so when i get back i have lots of chocolates waiting for me! x


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