Friday, 30 December 2011

If a person gives you their time, they can give you no more precious a gift

I know some people disagree with present posts but I see nothing wrong with them as long as people a) don’t boast and b) don’t moan about what they did / didn’t get. I am always nosy  interested about the gifts others receive – plus it provides me with gift inspiration for friends and family when I’m lacking in ideas.

Here’s a taster of some of the things I received this year:

1. Body shop goodies - strawberry scented shower gel + body butter
2. Parisian style guide - I love anything to do with France
3. Jewellery - earrings and a ring / bracelet combo
4. Chanel treats - some excellent choosing done by my Aunt!
5. Various nail varnishes and a very cute cat pen
6. Bloggers style guide book - which features Giselle
7. Eat Pray Love - I have only heard good things about this book
8. Garden State - LOVE this film and now have my own copy :)
9. Bridesmaids DVD - always good for a giggle!
10. Sarah Milllican DVD - saw her live in November, adore her!
11. CSI type book - love watching CSI and reading up on forensics
12, Lovely purple silky robe (hanging on the banisters)

Pretty cool, huh?  Excuse the chipped 'varnish!

I am so thankful to all my friends and family for their generosity and for thinking of me. I won’t be blogging now until the New Year so just to want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year :)

How are you seeing in the New Year this year?


  1. Lovely pressies. I always like getting Body Shop goodies like shower gel and body butter cos I never normal buy it myself. Love your ring/bracelet too.

    Happy New Year :)


  2. Lovely presents. I love Christmas posts too, I'm very nosey hehe xxx

  3. You sure received some lovely things! I've been meaning to watch Bridesmaids.

    x Michelle |

  4. Love all of it! Eat Pray Love is one of my favorites and bridesmaids is such a great movie.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Good haul! Eat Pray Love is gorgeous, and I'm so excited to watch Sarah Millican's DVD - my friend's got it and has promised me a viewing. Ooh and Bridesmaids, well, that's just the best film ever created isn't it. Enjoy!

  6. Gorgeous presents! You can never have too many nail polishes!!! Bridesmaids is such a funny movie and Eat, Pray, Love is an amazing book - very inspirational! xx

  7. Happy new year hun. I think you can't beat a prezzie post, good to have a nosey. You got some fab gifts chick. Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  8. Love the ring/bracelet!!!

  9. I agree with you, i like seeing gift posts :) looks like you got some lovely things! xx

  10. Lovely gifts :).

    Sadie x


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