Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Let down and hanging around, crushed like a bug in the ground, let down and hanging around

Oh H&M, how you have let me down.

I found this knitted wonder hanging in my wardrobe unworn and still with tags attached. Ashamed to have abandoned it for all of this time, I decided it was The Day to finally get some wear out of it.

But alas, I suddenly discover a hole in the armpit that I didn’t notice before in the shop when I bought it. A little hole mind, but an unwelcome apparition all the same. Annoyed doesn’t quite cut it. And seeing as I purchased this jumper months back, my rights to return it have expired.

Then I calmed down. It could’ve been worse, right? At least it’s only small. I’ll get my sewing skills to work and then it’ll be auf weidersehn hole!

I’d almost completely forgotten about the H&M jumper I had winging its way to me in the post. An utter impulse buy influenced by Sarah’s blog post and the amazing job she did at styling it. It eventually arrived (later than it said it would) and it was love at first sight. That was until I turned it around and found the mother of all horrors underneath one of the arms: 

This wasn’t merely a hole. This wasn’t something you could just sew up and forget about. This was a crime. I don’t think my pictures do the sheer enormity of the thing justice. I was shocked how no one from H&M noticed this – surely retailers check their goods before sending? I am annoyed for multiple reasons:

  • Although I will probably get some sort of refund, I guess I won’t get the p&p I paid for it back. Which sucks.
  • Despite it being kiddie sized, it fitted like a glove – even the sleeves didn’t come up short (and I expected them to). It’s a shame that something that fits so well could arrive damaged – it’s like rubbing salt into the wound.
  • Since ordering it online, said jumper has been reduced down even further

This has certainly affected my opinion of H&M and I can’t see myself ordering from their website again. I decided to console myself with chocolate. 

Because chocolate never lets you down.

Beyond excited that MaltEaster Bunnies come in a big pack now!

Full marks to everyone who know the song reference in the title! 


  1. aww nooooo! thats gutting, i hate it when you order something and its a let down. really cute jumper though! x

  2. It's so annoying when things get delivered wrong! I've had pretty good experiences with H&M so far, and they're usually quite nice in store if you go and explain the problem to them.

    1. In fairness, H&M have been really good about it. I wrote to them and they said they'd refund me my postage too which is brilliant :)

  3. I know they are not the point of the post but your nails look amazing!!

    Rianna xxx

  4. Hey! Just discovered your blog. I struggle with H&M quality too! Would love for you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow you back!
    Happy weekend xoxo

  5. As soon as I read your title I had the urge to put Let Down on, it's gotta be one of my favourite songs from OK Computer, which is hard as it's a work of art that ablum is. I now have The Tourist on ;) I do treat myself to a baguette or a boots meal deal with my points card if I'm feeling abit adventurous! Me and my friend at uni always whip out our little plastic lunchbox with our sandwiches, we feel about 5 but any thing that saves a bit of dosh is good in my books!

    I hate it when you purchase an item of clothing and then see a fault, I've been in the same situation and have never realised until a few weeks afterwards or after I've got rid of the receipt. I just try and fix it as best as I can but with that mother of a hole it won't work, it's a real shame as it looks lovely. They should compensate delivery or at least send you another for free without the delivery charge as you've already paid it.

    You've read my mind with the malteaser bunnies, they have got to be hands down my favourite chocolate at the moment. They do 2 for a pound in the pound shop and even after eating those two I could still stomach 10 more! haha

    1. Yay! First person to know the song reference :) Good ol' Radiohead!

      H&M have been really good - they wrote back and said they'd refund the P&P as well as the jumper so I'm a happy bunny :) And whilst on the subject of bunnies, must get down to the pound shop PRONTO! :)

  6. I don't think I'd ever buy H&M online again, when I did the service was appalling! Shame about the holes, the jumpers are lovely!

    Natalie x


  7. Aww thats such a shame! The jumper is lovely.


  8. Aw, that sucks :( I hate ordering stuff online for the same reason!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  9. Aw, thats such a shame about the hole since it looks like a really nice jumper. That's really, really annoying, sorry!

    Perhaps if you went into the store and explained they would give you a proper refund?!

    Malt easter bunnies! Eeeeeek, I've been living in Korea for the last few years, no idea they made these!! I'm so buying a bag tomorrow.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


    1. I wrote to them and should be getting a full refund (including P&P), fingers crossed! You MUST try them! They're on a whole other level to normal Maltesers!

  10. i have heard such bad things from ordering online for h&m! this has seriously put me off

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  11. Oh this sucks. I've never ordered off H&M before. But I have had a mammoth of all stresses ordering with Zara. My items never arrived and then when I called them they were really rude. They then said that they'd arrived and I was like well they clearly haven't they kept telling me i'd signed for them..! Anyways a month later they say they've processed my refund although no sign of it yet!

    It puts me off ordering online really. I also noticed on something I bought from New York there's a hole in it. I'm super annoyed cos I can't take it back. Guess I should have seen it to start with.



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