Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Outfit post (yes really!)

Alas, no one around to take pictures for me so you’ll have to put up with some crappy self taken / self timer pics… hooray(!) I also discovered it is decidedly tricky to fit full length into a picture when using the above methods. I tried it all. I even balanced the camera on books on a chair on my bed. FAIL.

I’m still loving this bargain dress I picked up from Topshop. Is it weird that I prefer wearing it back to front? The chest area gapes a bit but that’d be easily solved if someone was around to help do me up at the back.

The detailing satisfies my magpie tendencies. 
And you can barely notice shizz hanging off, right?

Urgh, blurry shot… Mixture of running into the frame and then my camera deciding to fall off the chair + books + other crap it was balancing on on my bed…

My cheapo ring which only one gem has 
fallen out of so far. Not bad going.

My nails close up.

Was going to wear this Topshop wonder to the theatre the other night but didn’t want to be too over dressed. I forget how theatre etiquette / attire stands these days! Instead I wore my black and white ASOS dress. I saw All New People which is only in London for a few more weeks. Zach Braff was amazing!


  1. That's clever wearing it back to front! It's a lovely dress. Yay more outfit photos! x

  2. That's a lovely dress. I remember when I was little people always used to dress up for the theatre. Not so much anymore! Last time I went there was this bit in the middle where they got some poor unsuspecting person on stage and I remember they said to her "so nice of you to dress up!" as she stood there in jeans and trainers!


  3. That dress looks amazing on you! Thanks for showing us. :) Isn't taking photos of yourself fun? Not...

    What kind of nail polish is that? Shatter or something new?

  4. I have heaps of trouble with outfit pictures too, haha. Is that really the dress worn back to front? It totally works!

  5. wow! beautiful dress!


  6. Loving this dress, it is ever so pretty. I love the top of it in particular, no need for jewellry. I have the same problem with balancing things -need a tripod pronto.

  7. Sooooooooooo gorgeous love this dress fab idea wearing it back to front works so well. So not fun trying to take pics of ones self without a tripod, hence why I go awol now and again when hubby not around to take my pics.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie xx

  8. I have a dress that I wear back to front !!! Sometimes it just works, though ! The dress is gorgeous too..



  9. Your dress is gorgeous and it is funny how things can look better the wrong way round xoxo

  10. Ahhh the dress looks lovely on you I haven't tried wearing it back to front will have to give that a go! Your nails are gorgeous too :) xxx



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