Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coachella 2012 – day 3

I have always been really inspired by street style but FESTIVAL street style is another kettle of fish. People go above and beyond. Ranging from gingham, feathers and Aztec print to trilby hats, bralets and crochet swimwear, anything goes. Photos of Coachella 2012 style are FINALLY starting to emerge. Here are some of my favourites courtesy of Company, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue:

How amazing are these trousers?!

<3 the shoes! Where can I get me a pair?!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I just have to it put it out there – Justice have been my highlight of Coachella. They just set the mood so well and ended Sunday evening on a high. Watch the crowd go crazy:

It was a nice surprise when Rihanna came on stage with Calvin Harris for his set. “We Found Love” reminds me of my mental Saturday night in Camden where one of my male friends decided to slow dance with me to this song. It’s not exactly a slow dance kinda song… If I were at Coachella this year, I definitely would’ve headed over to see Metronomy. Their tunes are bouncy and fun – perfect for day time. Every time I watch this clip, I get the giggles over the bird on the stick:

At least he’s getting into it. 

Other highlights included:

At the Drive-In

Florence & the Machine

To quote Vogue: “For every smooch that was snapped, hash-tagged, and Instagrammed at the tent, one dollar was donated to Fashion Against AIDS.

Best fundraising idea EVER. J


  1. Those trousers are amazing, not something I could rock though!

    1. Know what you mean! They are art but would look so wrong on me, haha! x x

  2. I think those last shoes are Marc Jacobs but i've seen some copies around.

    I loved Florence's set - Amazing


    1. Thanks for the tip off! Shall have a snoop ;) x x

  3. love festival looks, always gorgeous! and i love metronomy 8) x

  4. i love that fundraising idea! i need to find a place that will do this!

  5. Those trousers really are amazing!
    JS xx


  6. I've seen copies of those shoes on Missguided, and there's a leopard version by F-Troupe on ASOS for £100 (dreams!), and last years Topshop ones pop up on Ebay occasionally - but never in my size - SOB!



    1. Thanks for the tip off! I think I'll have issues finding my size too unfortunately :( I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us! x x

  7. I'm in love with the first outfit!


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