Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter egg choice is already pretty daunting. With supermarket shelves piled high with chocolatey goodness, do you pick one you know has good chocolate and will taste... eggcellent? (Sorry!). Or is it all about appearance? To make matters worse - choosing that is - here’s what the Internet has to offer:
Abstract design with drawer of sea 
salt caramels - Paul A. Young
Banoffee Pie - Thorntons

Eggs & Soldiers – Hotel Chocolat

Hot Cross Buns - Hotel Chocolat

£500 worth of chocolate from La 
Maison du Chocolat. Ouch.

LadurĂ©e egg with crystallised 
petals – for 70 odd quid

Lastly, does anyone remember these?

 I remember buying these from our local corner shop yearsssss ago and they were Teh Sex. Haven’t been able to track them down since though. Sad times.

Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing Easter / Passover break! 


  1. I love Hotel Chocolat eggs but second to that is Cadburys!

    I remember those Lindt ones they were amazing. I used to get the teddy bear ones. I wish they still made them :(


  2. wow these all look amazing! so hungry now! x

  3. Aaaah so delicious! I love chocolat!

  4. I always get the trusty Crunchie egg but I'm definitely have to branch out and get a Thorntons one soon, they look so tasty.

  5. loveeee your blog honey
    just keep posting and go for it :):)



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