Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#2 Life as we know it…

Can’t believe it’s been three weeks! As ever, a crazy little thing called Life got in the way. Plus I got stuck in a bit of a rut where I didn’t feel like myself for a while - I was drained emotionally, physically and mentally. I had holiday I needed to take before the end of June so I headed out of London for while. It was just what I needed. Lots of photos to share with you lovely lot another time!

I am now feeling much better and have a new lease of life. At times like these I tend to isolate myself away from other people. I learnt the hard way that being alone doesn’t help. More recently I’ve surrounded myself with friends and have been reminded that good friends are there to support you - not judge. There have been meals; there have been cocktails; there have been laughs; cupcakes; walks in the park and a cinema trip (The Dictator if you’re interested). I even dragged myself out to the shops (I know there’s something wrong with me when I don’t want to shop!):

I’d been eyeing up this Topshop backpack for ages now but convinced myself that I didn’t really need it. I resisted temptation but in typical Lucy fashion, couldn’t stop thinking about it and then buckled! And just my luck… my local branch and stopped stocking it around this time! Sad times. When I spotted it the other day in another branch, I didn’t think twice.

On that very same day I found this beaut in the Miss Selfridge sale:

I never thought I would ever buy a crop top – the thought of baring my midriff in public horrifies me – but I felt that the long fringing was my proverbial knight in shining armour! Paired with denim cut offs and my new backpack, I feel festival ready. Some of us are looking into going to Reading festival this year – fingers crossed!

If all goes well, I should be heading to Meat Liquor this week. Some people have posted about it on their blogs and the burgers there look amazing!