Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Boohoo wish list

Boohoo and I go way back. I remember going for dinner dates with one of my best friends and always being in awe of what she was wearing. Where did you get that amazing dress? I'd ask. And was it expensive? I'd enquire further. Boohoo.com she'd answer. And no. It was then onwards that I became familar with brand Boohoo. An online mecca of clothing and accessories at the most incredibly low prices.

I must admit that at one stage I didn't always have the patience to browse their site. With a background in website design, I can be very picky about how websites look and function. I remember years back when you had to browse pages and PAGES of Boohoo products, which were all mixed in together and there was no proper way of filtering by dresses, footwear and etc. It used to drive me nuts.

Nowadays the Boohoo site is a dream. I can filter out by product, and the search bar and hyperlinks actually all work. I can spend hours trawling through their pages now. The other day, I did just that. I hadn't been on the Boohoo site in a while and boy, was I impressed: 
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Playsuits 1 & 2
I love a playsuit. But only on the condition that the shorts aren't skin tight fiascos that cling to your legs screaming; please don't prise me away from youuuu. These two beauties from Boohoo are certainly not that. With loose fitting material that skims your legs rather than hanging on for dear life, these give more of a skirt like illusion. Suddenly from afar your playsuit looks like a dress. And I do like a dress. Check out the patterns of these two beauts. How amazing would these look clinched in at the waist with a belt and with a shirt collar peeping out at the top?! The first one is sold out in my size - so fingers crossed it comes back in stock!

I don't really wear trainers any more but ever since wedge trainers and hi tops have come onto the scene, I am determined to try out a pair. I find that a lot of these types of shoes on the high street are quite "samey". When I saw these on the Boohoo site, I knew that my search was over. I always wear bold accessories with unusual patterns and this pair totally fits the bill.

I'm not usually a fan of cut out dresses. Think of how chilly you'd be with the cut out sides! The amazing colour palette of these two dresses drew me in though. I am still undecided as to which colour I prefer. Possibly the burgundy as it's such a rich, lovely autumnal shade.

In December I have to walk the red carpet for an Awards do with work - so I am currently searching for the perfect dress. Last year I wore a silk Ted Baker maxi dress which was gorgeous, but not very easy to dance in. Plus the twins kept trying to escape every two seconds! This year, I want to be smart but not too formal. This dress from Boohoo really caught my eye with the amazing statement neckline and the Grecian like quality to it. And for only £35 you can't go wrong!

My online "window shopping" has got me really tempted to make an order. I'm not sure if I really "need" a cut-out dress... I don't really "need" anything, I guess. But the shoes are definitely going to be snapped up one way or another! 

What do you think? Should I just go for it?


  1. I love boohoo! And those shoes are amaaaazing :)


    1. I do too - my only annoyance is that with most websites, when you spend over x amount, you'll get free shipping. Really makes me think twice about ordering when I have many items and still have to pay a lot for postage x x

  2. the dresses are awesome!!


    1. Aren't they just?! Thanks Bianca! :) x x

  3. I love those dresses :)
    amazing post!


  4. Oh gawd, I remember the old Boohoo site...soooo frustrating! I'm pleased you're getting the shoes they're so lovely and if I can't have them (on a shoe ban, sad times) I'm happy someone else can give them a home :') xxx

    1. Not so sure I will now... the p&P charges kind of put me off! I thought by spending a bit I'd be eligible for free p&P which most companies seem to offer now... but not the case! Plus I went to Zara yesterday... so making an order probably isn't the best idea right now! x x


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