Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bloggers Secret Santa!

As you may recall, a few posts back I mentioned that I'd been involved with an international Bloggers Secret Santa which was organised by the lovely Sandra of The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. I've participated in Secret Santas before, but there's always that one guy in the office who is clueless about what to buy women. I liked the idea of an international Bloggers Secret Santa because although we're spread out all over the place, my blog roll makes it very clear how similar we all are in our tastes. Often we are coveting the same items of clothing. We influence and at the same time, inspire one another. I knew from the offset I was really going to enjoy shopping for a fellow blogger. My lil box arrived this week and I opened it up to find this:

Nestled in the snow, I found a lovely hand written card

.... lots of chocolate, and individually wrapped gifts which I excitedly opened:

I received: 

  • a Forever 21 two tone long necklace
  • a Body Shop coconut "bauble" set
  • a delicious smelling Body Shop lip balm
  • lots of chocolate that I'll share with my little sisters
  • a Bourjois eye liner, eye shadow, and nail varnish.

Thank you so much to Hayley of 
It was such a generous box of gifts and I love each and every item.

And I couldn't possibly end this blog post without saying a huge thank you to the mastermind behind all of this:- thank you so much for all your hard work organising this Sandra :) x x 


  1. ohh very cool :) this is such a fun idea!! wish i had thought to partake in something like this!! :) merry christmas hon :)!

  2. This is such a good idea, wish I'd taken part! You got some lovely things, that necklace is really pretty xxx

  3. Happy holidays - secret santas are always so fun!

  4. Blogger's Secret Santa is such a good idea! Looks like you got some really nice stuff. Merry Christmas!


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