Monday, 22 April 2013

A week in pictures #1

Staying away for only a "few days" soon turned into one week and three days. Oops. Then I felt it was perhaps time to head back home. After all, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. On Saturday I went to an event where beer, wine and champagne were on tap. I'm not sure where I'm at in the picture below. It was either my fourth or fifth glass of champagne *shameful*

My liver well and truly hates me as earlier in the week I went for cocktails not once but twice. First with Marc in Camden finishing up in The Diner for meaty goodness. Then a couple of days later for slightly more colourful cocktails in Nordic Bar just off of Oxford Street:

[photo courtesy of the lovely Sara]

I discovered the wonder that is Maltesers' Teasers which I stumbled across in my local Tesco. I dare say they beat Maltesers' MaltEaster bunnies. And that's saying something.

There was some epic panini making. Melted brie and oven roasted red peppers FYI

I tried my first yoga class and felt very sorry for the guys doing the groin stretch where you balance on your coccyx and essentially do the splits with your legs in the air. I was meant to be relaxing and in a state of ommmmm but I did keep looking over and wincing for their sake. This week I'm heading back for more. My aim: to go pretty much every day this week. Maybe soon I'll be disciplined enough for a lot of these positions

Tonight I'm having a lazy night in. It's my birthday next week and there's lots to arrange still!

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