Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hello again birthday! 

This is a scheduled post as I'll probably be sleeping off antics from the night before right about now! This year I've got the house to myself so wanted to make the most of it with a few friends.

All being well, I made these from scratch on the night....

Chorizo stuffed mini bread bites

Sun-dried tomato bread stuffed with black olives

.... as well as a few other things (if time is on my side!). But mainly I will be lazy and cook party food because who wants to be stuck in the kitchen on their birthday?!

None of my family are around this year so I have made my own birthday cake which is kind of tragic isn't it? - who makes their own birthday cake?! Fortunately it is the red velvet gloriousness I baked before here

Thank you for your birthday wishes on my last post you lovely lot! If it was possible to give each and every one of you a slice of cake, I so would :)


  1. the bread bites look delicious, you're very talented :) xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

    1. Thanks Sophie! :) I'm not sure that I'm talented, but they are certainly very tasty! x x

  2. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a good night last night :) All the food looks delicious as usual, especially the tomato and olive bread :o


    1. Thanks Jade! :) I'll be sure to get some more food porn up on the blog soon! x x

  3. is your cake glowing or is it a massive candle? haha hope you had a brilliant birthday lucy :-)

    1. Ohhh you mean the cake in the other blog post? Sorry, was looking through this post wondering where the cake was, haha! Yeah, it was a massive floating candle type thing that someone decided to put on my cake as they didn't have any standard candles! And thanks Lucy! :) x x


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