Monday, 22 July 2013

Food for the soul

Half tanned and half sun burnt, I have touched back on British soil once again. I'm currently going through my holiday pics which is rubbing salt in the wound for my post-holiday blues!

My next few posts will be Gran Canaria orientated and will include:
  • Canarian food
  • Generic holiday pics
  • Hotel review and pics

... and all being well, a video or two.

I tried Half Board for the first time and the food was soooo good, I felt it deserved its own post. Tables and tables piled high with food; there was a great assortment of cheeses, cold cuts of meat, hors d'oeuvres, hot dishes, fruit, desserts, plus two chefs on hand to cook meat / fish to order. But admirably hardly any repeats - always variety:

Sushi, asparagus, prawns, duck cooked two ways, cucumber salad

Hello dessert table!

Strawberry sponge roulade, strawberries 'n' cream, weird brownie

Tuscan potatoes, steak, pumpkin roasted in cinnamon, cod,
aubergine, olives, mushrooms. Canarian potatoes with sauce

Smoked salmon, king prawns, langoustines, mussels, aubergine

Beetroot, steak, mushrooms with garlic and almonds,
noodle paella, breaded mozzarella sticks, battered cod

Chocolate mousse / cream with various biscuits

Mixed bean salad, octopus, smoked salmon, beetroot, mini quiche

Paella, green beans, broccoli, squid, tuna steak, octopus 

Blackberry mousse

Asparagus, smoked salmon, prawns, olives, mini baked potato with roe

Asparagus, steak, mushrooms, onion rings, salmon served 2 ways,
confit duck with berries, mini baked potato with roe on top

Always really pretty desserts

Chocolate fountain night!

 The result...

And pineapple too on days they had

Aubergine, beetroot, mushroom and sausage stew,
chickpeas, king prawns with alioli

I returned from holiday glad that it was the suitcase that had to adhere to a weight allowance - not me! With all the food consumed this holiday, I definitely would've gone over the limit!

So worth it.

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