Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to make: Duck ragu

I love duck but if truth be told, I usually have it in duck and pancakes form. Lately I've started seeing duck stocked in my local supermarkets, so really wanted to try something a little bit different. I love fresh pasta - my favourites being tagliatelle and linguine - so one day decided to make my own ragu.

You will need...

- Duck legs. I usually go for one per person
- Bottle of red wine
- Mixed herbs
- Fresh pasta of your choice
- Seasoning
- 1 large onion
- Garlic
- Chopped tomatoes / passata
- Tomato purée
- 1 tsp of sugar


1) Open the wine and let it breathe. Taste some to make sure it's not poisoned

2) Score the duck legs and sprinkle with a little sea salt before putting in the oven. The sea salt will make the skin go lovely and crispy. I find duck legs easier to shred, but you can use duck breast instead if you like. Roast.

3) Once out the oven and cooked to your taste, let it rest for a few minutes. Then shred with a knife and fork. It's up to you if you use the skin or discard it.

4) Chop the onion and cook on the hob until softened. Add the garlic.

5) Add the shredded duck to heat it through and to absorb all that garlicy wonderfulness. I like to drizzle a little bit of wine in there early so that it infuses with the duck as soon as possible

6) Add the chopped tomatoes / passata. Use passata if you prefer a smoother sauce. 

7) Start seasoning to taste and add a dollop of tomato purée. I usually add a teaspoon of sugar to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes.

8) Add a splash of wine and as many mixed herbs as you like. I taste as I go and will continue to adjust the seasoning until the balance is just right.

9) Leave to simmer. Meanwhile start cooking the pasta. Cook until al dente then serve everything up. You can either pile the ragu on top like this:

Or mix in:

Tasty, simple, and a perfect autumn / winter meal with a warming glass of red wine

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  1. "Taste some" - hah GOOD ONE. This looks so simple, I have to try it! Fresh tagliatelle is also my favourite but I never stray from my 'famous' smoked salmon and Philadelphia tagliatelle (recipe taken from a Philadelphia box heh). I loooove duck though, so this could be a new winner.

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

    1. Oooo your smoked salmon dish sounds lovely! I do smoked salmon with rice noodles, lemon juice, and whatever veg I feel like. Very light and healthy as I'm not always in the mood for filling, rich foods! x x

  2. Looks yummy. Being a thorough person, I'd definitely have to try the wine a fair few times to ensure that it's not poisoned ;) x

  3. I wish I liked duck, everyone who does loves it and I feel like I'm missing out haha! My brother's obsessed, he's probably love this meal xxx

    1. You honestly wouldn't know it's duck in there - the main flavours you get are the tomato sauce, wine and herbs :) x x

  4. omgosh this looks amazing!! i loveee love all things duck! i'll have to try this pasta dish thanks for the recipe :)!

    1. I've found some more duck recipes that I'll be sure to share once I've tried them :)


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