Thursday, 19 December 2013

Festive Blog Swap

Loving the Blogger Secret Santa I was part of last year it was without hesitation that I took part in another one this year. It's a great way of discovering new blogs and thanks to the Secret Santa last year and this year, I have discovered two amazing blogs and two lovely ladies behind them - Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda and Jessica of Forever Miss Vanity. This year it was more of swap as I was shopping for Jessica and Jessica was shopping for me.

Jessica totally incorporated my love of all the C's - cake, cats and candles. How cute is the lucky cat notebook? I'm forever burning candles so candles are always a perfect gift for me. C is also for cushion! These little pillows are scented and will give my cupboard drawers a new lease of life. I've been frantically looking for a 2014 diary for weeks now but so far couldn't find any that were "me". This diary is the perfect size to carry around with me and has my absolute favourite - CUPCAKES - on the cover.

Thanks so much Jessica - I love each and every item :)

And I couldn't possibly end this post without saying a huge thank you to Emma of for organising the swap in the first place :)


  1. aww heart this!! i'm so glad you loved all the items you got in the swap and that you'll be able to incorporate them into your daily life that definitely makes it all the more worthwhile! the items you got are all so cute!!


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