Thursday, 10 April 2014

Festival hair inspiration

The countdown to Coachella is onnnn. Once again, I didn't get my act together in time... I live in hope that it will happen one year! For now, I can admire from afar. Catch all the action on YouTube. And magazines and blogs worldwide will have plenty of coverage on festival style. Not booked in for a festival this year? Don't fret, for you can still get involved - as I proved here. I may not be going to a festival in 2014 - yet - but dammit, I am still going to rock festival hair. My festival board on Pinterest is chock-a-block and finds inspiration from flowers, braids and wavy locks. The stuff dreams are made of.

All images: Pinterest

If you like the above pins, and are equally enthused about pretty food, home decor, inspirational quotes and coloured hair, come find me on Pinterest:

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