Friday, 4 April 2014

I want you, I need you

I'm often left wondering when it is that love turns into obsession. How moments of desire, passion and I want you so badly turn into stalkerish tendencies. When it's all that's in your head. Both last thing at night when you go to bed, and first thing when you wake up in the morning. How and why it consumes you so. But worry not, ladies and gents. I am not talking about a guy. Nor do I possess any stalkerish traits when it comes to men. In this instance, I am referring to clothing. That perfect dress that sold out before you had a chance to snap it up. Forget guys, coveted items of clothing can be the ultimate obsession.

Placing a large online order and find that the main reason for your order sold out before you had a chance to finish typing in the last few digits of your card? It's an all too familiar story for many of us. You are then faced with that dilemma: do I like the rest of my order enough to continue? And if you do, mark my words there will be online stalking. Oh yes. Across the day you may cheekily check back on the site to see if said item has come back in stock. It hasn't. You kid yourself into thinking it's all ok. You may even shrug your shoulders and call it fate. It wasn't meant to be. But one day when innocently browsing "just in case" you see it there. It's in stock. It's in your size. A provisional click tells you it's "low in stock". Your pupils dilate and that's it. The final push you needed.

I had this very issue with an ASOS coat recently. I spotted the perfect pastel blue coat on the site which I loved and obviously so did everyone else. It sold out and I was crushed. Soon after it was featured on ASOS' Instagram which rubbed salt into the wound even more. The coat was worn by a mere mortal - not a model - and it still looked perfect. I checked on the site most days and upon discovering it only coming back into stock in a size 18, I was ready to abandon all hope. Then the other night, I refreshed the page systematically without even thinking about it. And there it was. One left in my size. I was on it like a car bonnet.

ASOS cocoon coat

But things are never simple are they? Earlier that day I'd seen a grey ASOS coat on their Instagram and my love for Blue was called into question. I could see Blue and I lasting a few months maybe. A spring fling at best. Whereas Grey could offer me so much more. He would look after me all year round - even the autumn / winter months. Because Grey isn't particularly seasonal.

ASOS drape coat

But then last minute Trench caught my eye. Trench is suave and timeless. I think I even prefer Him to Blue. And considering the amount of time I mourned and obsessed over Blue, this is most confusing:

Via ASOS - Noisy May trench coat

Does anyone else feel a sadness like this with out of stock items?!


  1. This whole post describes my online shopping experiences to a T. ESPECIALLY WITH ASOS. I've done the constant refreshing on an out of stock item so many times because in a rare miracle, one will spontaneously become available in my size because some other silly girl decided to remove it from her shopping bag! So you did get the blue, yet? Because it's beautiful and after all that mourning...!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

    1. Yep! He is rather handsome :) Grey and Trench were both disappointments, but Blue makes me forget about them both! x x


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