Monday, 9 June 2014

Here today, scone tomorrow

One thing I love about being British is our tea and cake culture. Whilst I'm not fussed by tea, cake is something I'll always have time for. I experienced my very first afternoon tea a couple of years back, and since then, I've not looked back. As much as I love a good afternoon tea, it can be quite a costly experience. With tiny sandwiches looking up at you on your plate, it's not great value for money. Nor is it an experience I'd recommend if you have a big appetite.Whilst I fully advocate taking the time to treat yourself every now and again, you just can't beat a DIY afternoon tea. Craving scones, this weekend gone seemed as good a time as any.

The scone recipe I used is an old family one. The measurements, ingredients and oven temperate did require some guess work (what on earth is cream of tartar?!). The recipe wasn't the most decisive of recipes and seemed to offer you choices such as "8-12 tablespoons of milk". Erm... what?! Despite going for the largest possible measurement of flour and the smallest in milk, my dough was like no dough I'd ever seen before. More the consistency of porridge, it was never going to roll out with a rolling pin. Which is then when the recipe was taken into my own hands - it became "inspired by" rather than taken literally.

The scones turned out beautifully. But it was luck and guess work rather than any actual skill

Topped with home-made jam, it was a marriage made in heaven. Clean plates all round!


  1. omgggosh love! i'm obsessed w/ scones! and clotted cream and jam nom nom nom!!! you're making me crave some so badly now! lols.

    sadly i'm not in london anymore.. i don't really blog on vacation.. because i feel like it takes up too much time away from the hubs lol so i always blog about trips afterwards :p

    1. Ahhh I forgot about clotted cream! Love that stuff! x x


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