Friday, 4 July 2014

Food for the soul #2

Back from holiday, I'm experiencing post-holiday blues where my mind wanders back to afternoon walks on the beach, sand in-between my toes, and my rubbish Spanish speaking skills. I'm still going through holiday pics - two cameras worth! - and thought for the time being I'd share some food pics from the hotel as my post last year went down really well. Here's a taster of what I ate...

Peppers, duck, olives and aubergine salad

Locally caught white fish, aubergines, potatoes, carrots and peppers

Duck, broccoli, potato wedges and calamari

An assortment of gambas, smoked salmon, stuffed mussels and olives

Locally caught white fish, steak, peppers, potatoes and cucumber salad

Swordfish and potatoes

White bean salad, tomatoes, prawn and mussel salad, olives, veal katsu curry, beef served rare, peppers

Paella, veal, rabbit, aubergines, white bean salad, battered fish

Pineapple mousse, chocolate cup, chocolate mousse, shortcake biscuit

Steak, chips, green beans and mussels

Sushi, oriental duck, oriental beef

Duck leg, veal, slow cooked salmon, curried potatoes, prawns and carrots

Cod, smoked mackerel, tuna, mussels and peppers

Pork tenderloin, green bean salad, chickpea curry, chicken korma, battered fish and rice

Of course with all-you-can-eat buffets comes over-eating and general spoilt-for-choice-nosity. Did I need a three course breakfast? No. Did I want a three course breakfast? YES. Because a fruit course, followed by a pancake course and then a cooked breakfast course sounds excellent to me! ;) Hope I haven't made you too hungry with this post!

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