Friday, 5 September 2014

Chocolate macaroons

I like a challenge. When I first told my mum that I was making macaroons, she raised her eyebrows and said: "that's a bit ambitious, isn't it..?!". Not one to back down, I decided to carry on regardless - how hard could it be?!

Macaroons are quite labour intensive. You need a strong mixing arm for getting those egg whites nice and fluffy, patience when folding them in - trying to keep as much air in as possible - and piping skills. And I do not possess any of these skills.

My macaroon mixture was incredibly thick and stubborn. I envisaging trying to get it into a piping bag and it turning around and saying "no... can't do it..." in the manner of Russell Peters.  Piping chocolate macaroon mix out onto a baking sheet is an experience and a half. You can use your imagination as to what it looks like...

Thankfully they smelled AMAZING so I managed to put how they looked to the back of my mind! I wholeheartedly recommend using a decent quality cocoa power - you will really taste the difference. I used Bourneville cocoa power and it smelt incredible. It took a lot to stop me from eating straight out the bowl right there and then.

By the time they'd baked, they luckily looked a lot more presentable. They'd cracked quick a bit, so no where near as neat as shop bought macaroons - but the textures were spot on. A slight crunch with the initial bite, and then a gooey centre that just melts in your mouth. Just like the ones you get in the shops. I also made the cream filling from scratch too. Although not the biggest fan of mascapone, it was the one time I actually really liked it. To put into words, it was lovely and light with just the right amount of sweetness. As good as the macaroons are, they are also quite filling - so the cream gave it an extra little something. I had lots left afterwards and it will make the perfect accompaniment for pancakes and desserts for the rest of the week.

  And here's the final result....

You can tell they're not shop bought, but they're not terrible, eh?

Next time I hope to experiment with some different flavours but for now... chocolate was a safe bet and a sure crowd pleaser. If you decide to try making your own macaroons, make sure you Tweet me @Lucy_Angele using the hashtag #cookwithlucy or link me to your blog post in the comments below as I'd love to see your creations! :) 

Do you like macaroons?


  1. I think you've done a fab job, I've heard these are super tricky to make! I've never actually ate them before though, high time I did! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. I first tried them in 2014 and they're a lot nicer than I expected! I thought they'd be like meringue (hate meringue!) but they actually have a completely different texture (soft and chewy) x


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