Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Poseidon Undersea Resort

No, your eyes do not deceive you. You read correctly: UNDERSEA RESORT.

Poseidon is will potentially be a five star undersea resort surrounded by a 5,000 acre lagoon just off the shore of a private island in Fiji. Offering two restaurants - one on land, one underwater - tennis courts, golf course, theatre, library and - can you believe it - wedding chapel, it has to be seen to be believed.

Their undersea suites take the appearance of pods and will give hotel guests panoramic views of the reef. As well as your own personal jacuzzi to admire those views, the hotel is also looking into an external fish feeder so guests can feed the fish with the push of a button.

Building started in 2001 with the hope of opening to the public in 2008. Building is still on-going, so the 150,000 people on the waiting list will have a little wait yet! Rumour has it that a second location is being sought for an undersea hotel. Steady on folks. Maybe get the first hotel finished first, eh? With a waiting list that long, it seems that the reported £9,000 a week price tag isn't discouraging everyone...

The hotel itself is a great concept - and certainly very imaginative in design. Forget restaurants with a fish tank - you could be eating dinner and LOOKING AT FISH IN THE ACTUAL SEA. Mind blowing.

But some questions arise. What happens in the event of a fire? Where is the fire assembly point? There is only a lift to take guests to the surface and as I know from past fire drills at work, the lifts are disabled in the event of a fire. Is there emergency protocol if water got in and started flooding the hotel? I imagine they have got this all figured out though...

Would you want to stay in an under water hotel?

* The above was written of my own accord - I heard about this hotel the other day and was in such awe, I just had to share! All pictures above copyright to Poseidon Resort. For a virtual tour of the resort (or for more pics!) check out their website 

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