Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Because Paris is always a good idea

Paris is one of those cities that I will never tire of. As cliché as it sounds, France has always felt like home to me. And Paris in particular is a love affair that will last a life time. For months now my heart has been aching for Paris. I kept telling myself that I'd be spontaneous and book an impromptu trip, but never got around to it. Then - enfin - I did it. Eurostar seats and hotel BOOKED. Now the countdown is on. On those mornings when I wake up and grumble about the fact that it's so dark outside, that it's too early and that I have to go work, I remind myself that in x weeks time, I will wake up disgustingly early, but Paris will be calling my name rather than a desk and a MacBook Air.

Things I'm looking forward to: eating pain au chocolat for breakfast, freshly baked baguettes, visiting Ladurée, photographing every inch of the city, cake, feeling the cobbles beneath my feet by the Louvre, French wine (no explanation needed!), French markets, museums, cake, walking until your feet hurt, finding hidden gems in the non-touristy parts of town that no one else does... oh and did I mention cake?

Reminiscing about past visits, I'm looking forward to what Paris has to offer this time! Paris, on se reverra bientot!

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  1. I agree! I love Paris.


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