Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hello again Zara!

Just like Jade, I love Zara all 365 days of the year. However I find that their autumn / winter collection is their strongest. It's this time of year when they stock the the most lust worthy coats, the softest cashmere sweaters and the cosiest scarves. A casual browse of the Zara website the other day and I officially need want everything:

Too... many... beautiful... coats. Last year I bought two coats from Zara, but I could potentially break this record in 2014 if they keep producing coats like those pcitured above. The grey and cream coats both scream Paris to me.

I realise the camel craze has been predominantly coats, but I love the colour of this oversized camel scarf. Probably a little overkill to pair it with a camel coat... but I can imagine it complementing navy coats and knitwear well.

As much as a I love a tartan scarf, red tartan is something that you will see everywhere. I loved the look of this simple black and white check scarf as it's not something you see often.

This Breton stripe dress is perhaps a bit cliché for my impending trip to Paris, but the slouchy fit is perfect for travelling in.

So I'm sitting here wondering how long it will take me to crack. It goes without saying... I will be making a Zara order. But the dilemma... trying to decide how many coats I can get away with. How many coats is considered too many / shameful?! You can never have too many coats, right?! Which of the above are your favourites?


  1. Ahhhh I too have had my eye on that grey one! Working practically metres away from Zara is dangerous on my lunch breaks but YEAH like you said, can never have too many coats! Never thought about it too much until you've mentioned it but I do agree, AW Zara is best Zara. Expecially this season, it's texture overload!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

    1. The grey coat is quite over-sized so I recommend sizing down! The white / cream coat however fits like a dream! x


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