Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas through my eyes

Scraps of wrapping paper littered around the house. A fridge that is considerably emptier and actually has space(!). Less and less cheese left on that cheese board. All signs that the holidays are coming to a close. It's been so lovely having some time off from work (do I have to go back?!) Here's what I've been up to over the last few days...

Drinking lots of gingerbread green tea (first mentioned here) in this amazing mug that I received for Christmas

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are traditionally spent with my family which always means food galore

With some seriously epic desserts...

Dad always sets up his very own Christmas "bar" so we're always sorted on the alcohol front!

This year I've mostly been on whisky and ginger ale!

Come evening, we usually dig into an assortment of party food. And don't forget that cheese board...

As well as a prawn ring (a must at Christmas!) we also gave these prawn spoons a try...

On Christmas Eve my sisters and I baked and iced our own gingerbread biscuits

I discovered that Monin gingerbread syrup takes hot drinks to the next level

On Christmas Day we finished eating about 3 ish and then faced this mountain of presents to open...

Christmas just isn't Christmas without satsumas!

The day after Boxing Day, cosy knitwear was a must when heading out to the sales

... however I was really unimpressed with the sales this year. Anyone else feel the same? Instead I was positivity wild and bought veg for a parsnip and carrot soup I wanted to make...

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I won't be posting until the New Year now so until then.... Happy New Year!

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