Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Who else is in utter disbelief that it's Christmas?! Despite weeks of listening to Smooth Christmas and enjoying Costa's festive drinks, it never really sunk in. It only felt real when we were all seated for Christmas lunch today, crackers pulled, wearing our paper hats and sharing the jokes / charades / trivia questions from our crackers. Fast forward to now where we've only just finished unwrapping our presents(!) and are gearing ourselves up for cheese and biscuits. Lights are dimmed ready for a festive film and maybe a cheeky TV Christmas special or two...

Wherever in the world you are... however you are celebrating Christmas... hope you are having a blast! :) I'm in need of another whiskey and ginger ale. And party food / cheese and biscuits are calling my name so I've got to dash...

Until next time... Merry Christmas!

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