Friday, 2 October 2015

Interior inspiration // barn conversions, ski chalets & log cabins

Those of you itching to have your own place - be it a house or a flat - will be well aware of the frustration, stress and blood, sweat and tears that goes into finding your perfect home. No sooner do you find a place that excites you, it goes like that *snaps fingers*. I yearn to start a new chapter of my life in a new place with a fresh start... but these things take time. 

Recently I found a house in an area I normally would dismiss as being too far away from London, but as it happens, the journey to London is just as long as my morning commute on the tube at the moment. Away from the city, in an idyllic setting with lots of nature around you, the house comes with brick fireplaces, cast iron bed frames, beams and a farmhouse style kitchen. I kick myself knowing that I am getting way too attached to this property and that it will inevitably go before I get the chance to see it. Because that's what always happens. I have since discovered this property has another building - aesthetically it's like a barn conversion with the beams and sloped roof - at the bottom of the sizeable garden. It has that barn conversion feel that you see all the time on Escape to Country (my new favourite program!). Ever the excitable cookie, I find myself looking at existing barn conversions for interiors inspiration. Because I love this little annexe that comes with the house and I am full of ideas of how to make my own mark on it.

Inspired by a mixture of barn conversions, chalets and log cabins, I'm thinking light / bright / warm colours, cosy interiors, brick walls and plenty of light. Maybe even move the kitchen diner in there for more light and space to work with.

See, totally getting carried away! But with the frustration of losing out on houses, and not finding The One just yet, it's a nice distraction to be able to daydream like this!

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  1. That house sounds amazing - have my fingers crossed for you! Love this style, it looks so cosy x

    Josie |Sick Chick Chic


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