Tuesday, 24 November 2015

CURIOUS CRAFTS #1 - using leftover fabric to make a tote bag

A new feature I'm looking to bring to this blog is one that is more orientated around DIY and crafts, as I'm actually really creative and love adding personal touches to things. In recent years I've become really interested in upcycling. I love the idea of taking an old piece of furniture or scraps of material that would otherwise be wasted, and transforming it into something usable, giving it a new lease of life.

Over the last few months Hilarys have been running lots of upcycling workshops across the country. From upcycling shutters to jewellery boxes, you may already have seen some of their crafty creations on Twitter. I was supposed to attend their London craft event, but unfortunately a sickness bug meant I was out of action for a little while :( Although the lovely people at Hilarys did send a goody bag across to me anyway which was a wonderful surprise!

Their brochure is really useful as I haven't revealed this on this blog until now... but I'm buying a house! After months of looking and disappointments aplenty, it all finally came together. Obviously it's all still very touch and go. I'm still waiting on the lawyers, and there's a crazy amount of paperwork to get through. But it doesn't stop me from scouring Pinterest for interiors inspiration. The Hilarys brochure has been giving me plenty of ideas for blinds, curtains, and potential colour schemes. And I absolutely adore their upcycled tote bag. In one of my favourite patterns (damask??), it's already had a lot of use and I get so many compliments when out and about with it. I love the idea of a spare piece of fabric being given a new lease of life. It's really inspired me to have a dig around my room for spare fabrics and start some crafty projects of my own.

Thank you so much to Hilarys for thinking of me and helping me to feel involved even though I was unable to make the event. You guys rock!

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