Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Birthday wish list / gift guide

This year's wish list is short and sweet. The reason for this being a combination of moving house soon and not wanting to acquire too many extra material things, and secondly feeling fairly content in life, and not really needing anything. Comparing this wish list / gift guide against previous years, my tastes are becoming a lot more 'adult' and I'm developing a taste for homeware, things for the wedding, succulents and terrariums. However I've injected a bit of fun with this 'down the rabbit hole' tea cup purse (something Alice in Wonderland inspired always works its way in!) and some colour with a Lush experimenter bath bomb (my favourite). As ever I will always love anything copper / rose gold and I just had to include a candle from Anthropologie's boulangerie range as they have quickly taken over as my favourite candles. As much as I love their fig candle (above), Angel Food is deliciously subtle with vanilla notes, and their cinnamon candle smells like freshly baked cookies and is mouth wateringly good. Mind you, every single candle from that range is mouth wateringly good!

With less than 24 hours to go (my birthday is 5th May, if you're curious!), I am due a few blissful days off from work later this week. If the weather holds up, then hopefully a few cheeky day trips will be thrown into the mix. The countdown starts here!


  1. Happy birthdayyyyyy!!! My birthday isn't until October but I've been working on a wish list (coming soon!) already :D
    Hope you have a FABULOUS day and have an excessively happy life now and alwayssssssss :D
    Happy happy happppppy birthday!!! :D

  2. Happy Happy birthday, homeware goods are my absolute obsession
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  3. Thanks Sara! Oh, you're planning your wishlist good and early then if your birthday isn't until October! How's it coming along? x


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