Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What I got for Christmas

I know that Christmas present posts aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I on the other hand love being nosy and seeing what other people unwrap! As you will soon discover, there are two main themes to this year's post... House and Wedding. All of a sudden I'm feeling a lot more "adult" and it's weird! Here's what I had for Christmas this year...

Wedding magazines - people are well aware that I'm getting married it seems!
House magazines - lots of inspiration for the - hopefully - soon to be house.
Alice in Wonderland colouring book - a wonderful find by my friend Penny
Cupcakes and Cashmere book - I  loved Emily's first book. Her second book is all about setting up home which is very relevant at the moment! She has such beautiful taste
Not that Kind of Girl  - I've heard plenty of good things about this book. I'm reading it now and it's hilarious! Tales of Lena's sexual 'conquests' are both amusing and cringe-worthy - in the best of ways. It's honest, unapologetic and refreshing.

Curiouser and Curiouser cushion - I love the quotes and the typeface and the fact that the colour matches my new sofa I was gifted lately. Very good choosing by my friend Alison!
Egg house - I've always wanted one of these and M. has always laughed it off as a non necessity. However I ended unwrapping this French vintage style egg house over Christmas and I was delighted - my parents know me so well!
Olive wood spatula - check out that beautiful detailing! Marble effect...but on wood
Vouchers - I may have spent my Zara voucher from Sofia already...haha! Other vouchers I received were for the house. Including some very generous B&Q vouchers from my friend Nicole and her husband
Slippers - I love cable knit socks / slippers. And it just isn't Christmas if you don't receive slippers!
Wine set - although this looks like a wine bottle, this actually unhinges and contains a wine connoisseurs set including a cork screw, foil cutter etc. Such a genius idea from my Grandparents!
Bag - tan leather bag from my friend Chinye. Can be worn across the body, or as a clutch
Photo frame - my friend Val knows I like natural interiors so this was spot on! I like the reclaimed wood feel to it
CK One - I love unisex scents and this is my one of my favourites.

One Line a Day - the most beautiful - and Instagram worthy - blue book with gold lettering and gold edged paper.
There are an eventful few years ahead of me so with this in mind, I can record my adventures over the next crazy five years!

White Company Winter Candle - I heard a lot of bloggers and Youtubers rave about this over Christmas so it was amazing to unwrap one of my own on the big day. Being cinnamon, clove and orange scented, it's heaven in candle form.

I also had a food hamper from my parents full of larder essentials like brown rice, pasta, spaghetti, tinned tomatoes etc. ready for when I move. So yes, a very wedding-and-new-home orientated gift guide this year! I remain incredibly grateful to all my friends and family for their generosity, but am still in disbelief that Christmas passed so quickly this year!

What did you receive over the festive period? I'd love to know! 


  1. Honestly, you can never go wrong with some magazines. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Ahh, you got some amazing presents! I love that diary. xx


  3. Lovely gifts, I think my favorite would be the One Line A Day book.


  4. Oh my goodness those colouring books are endless! I love them, never seen the Alice one though!


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