Tuesday 16 August 2016

OOTD // Pyjama chic

When you hear the words "pyjama chic", I'm talking silky two pieces which look like luxe sleepwear, and loose trousers which could easily pass for pyjama bottoms. Although not brave enough to wear the former out, as for the latter, I'm all about that comfy trouser life. Having had a pair for years now, they are officially the comfiest things ever. I wear them around the house and on plane journeys they are are a GODSEND. I usually get raised eyebrows from people when I wear them; hey you lazy sod, too lazy to bother getting dressed today. But au contraire, ladies and gents. These are proper legit trousers.

Up until now, I haven't felt very comfortable wearing them out for other events that don't include the airport or a quick dash for groceries, but the pjyama chic trend coming around makes me feel a little less timid to wear such a look out.

Camisole (thrifted) // YSL bag* //Trousers (old) // Shoes (gifted)

Because of their loose shape, I like to wear something a little more fitted on top to balance out the look. I usually go for strapless bandeau tops, or a delicate camisole like the one featured above. This top I've had for years (a hand me down from my aunt!) and is one of my favourites. It has scallop detailing on it too - meaning I was all about the scallops right from a young age!
And can we talk about the shoes? These were a recent gift from family who just came back from holiday and they are the comfiest things I have put on my feet in a very long time.

How you do feel about the pyjama trend?

*A huge thanks to Farfetch for introducing me to the bag of my dreams!

Friday 12 August 2016

Friday night feels // moules frites, seafood risotto and Belgium beer at Belgo

A couple of months back I met a friend for a long overdue catch up and had zero ideas where to go to eat and drink. We were walking around for a while and came across a Belgo. For those of you not already acquainted, Belgo is a Belgium inspired bar and eaterie, which specialises in Belgium beers and moules frites. But not just any moules frites. With options including Thai green curry, BBQ and chipotle, these are mussels with a difference. On that occasion I had a risotto and I usually find these very heavy, filling dishes with not nearly enough flavour... but Belgo's king prawn risotto was a revelation. It was hands down the best risotto I have ever had. I was so impressed with my first visit to Belgo, I went back again one Friday to a different branch to indulge in more Belgium beverages. Oh and the same risotto. Which was equally good second time around.

The risotto in question is their king prawn and asparagus risotto cooked in champagne, brandy butter and lobster bisque. A very luxurious dish which although rich sounding, isn't at all. It being the first risotto where I can easily clear my plate and not have to surrender early on account of being full.

The real MVP of the meal however were the moules frites. Whilst I can deal with a few mussels in paella, I'm not a huge fan of them as they are a little too fishy for me... I would never order a pot of them by themselves. However that Friday I tried the Belgo ones and I was converted. The ones I tried were meaty rather than fishy and were consistently good - you didn't get bored after a set amount of time. The ones I tried were the chorizo ones which were infused with the lovely paprika oil and had a dusting / sprinkling of parsley. Straight away I knew what I'd be ordering on my next visit!

The drinks menu at Belgo is a daunting thing. With so many beers on offer, it's difficult to know where to start! The Tripel Karmeliet was a good choice and came in the most awesome glass with a fleur de lis at the base. Their wine was equally good too!

Have you ever been to Belgo?