Sunday 30 October 2011

The devil makes work for idle hands

I’ve decided that working full-time is healthy for my bank balance. And not for the obvious reason of more hours = more money. But because I’m usually too knackered to trek around the shops after work, and too lazy to trawl through pages and pages of online fashion. I think my folks have been impressed with the lack of parcels gracing our front door.

Then my contract at work ended... *cue shopping marathon*

An ASOS sale purchase - this satchel should hopefully 
add a pop of colour into my (mainly black) wardrobe!

H&M sleeveless white shirt

 H&M mocha chunky knit - which looks very Alexa 
Chung with the shirt collar poking out underneath

Not one but two pairs of H&M denim shorts 
- they fit so well, I couldn't resist!

You can never have too much denim!

+ a free H&M gift card that I was handed by a member of H&M staff
... which I exchanged for these:

A lint remover - which is clearly being put to good use(!)
And stockings... you can never go wrong with stockings!

In good news: I got a new job! I’m now working in publishing / the media and hopefully will get to do some geeky IT stuff *rubs hands together*

Had a week free before my start date so took off for a few days – why not? Found me a last minute deal and hurriedly threw some things into packed a suitcase. Holiday summary to follow! 


  1. love the satchel! and the chunky knit looks so comfy
    great buys

    Serendipity Style Blog

  2. Liking the chunky knit - been meaning to get some this autumn so thanks for this post. Check out my Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake recipe on my blog and have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Hey !
    Those shorts are super cute ! I love them all :)


  4. I always shop when I am bored! It's good but also very dangerous. Looks like you had a great big shop. Love the shorts. x

  5. i really like the h&m sweater, and your asos bag!! so very cute! makes me wanna go shopping!


  6. I like that jumper babes, wish I had of purchased this with my blazers!!

    I know I heard about this code but the blazers were in the sale so I wasnt sure this would work? haha I hope not now!

  7. Amazing purchases! I love the satchel and the shorts! <3
    Good luck with your new job!

  8. Love the ASOS bag.... all very nice purchases! :)

  9. Oooh,you picked up some great things here! Lucky you off on holiday and good luck with the new job :)

    Emma xx

  10. Love all your purchases. I got a £5 voucher when I was in H&M too - excellent stuff!


  11. looove the bag and shorts....hopefully you had a nice break and are enjoying your new job :) x

  12. Ahhh me too- same! HAHA.
    At first I was like whyyyy have I brought this!!! but your right I've defs warmed to it and will be doing yet another coat tonight- love how quick it drys too!

    hope your well, have you been on your hols yet?

  13. The jumper looks great!

  14. Congrats on the new job poppet xoxo

    Loving all the new purchases xoox


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