Monday 20 February 2012

Sod's law

Remember that ASOS 20% off code that expired a couple of weeks ago? Well, me being the complete sucker than I am, pounced on it like no one’s business. It’s too easy to shop online. Particularly when the website in question is ASOS. I managed to find some beauts but alas, the shoes I’d been stalking coveting for so long had sold out in my size. But life goes on, right? I placed an order regardless and received some absolute gems in the post:

Blue velvet playsuit with relaxed ‘legs’ so when worn, looks more like a dress. 
Way too big (oh the joys of sale stock…) but it was too beautiful to send back.

The most versatile of dresses. Perfect for dates, nights out in general and 
a day at the office. Elegant and a decent length skirt for once 
(not looking at anyone in particular… *coughs* Topshop *coughs*).

Stockings. Amazingly toasty and look so cute teamed with a short skirt.

But I couldn’t get those damn shoes out of my head. I checked back most days and was all set to give up when yesterday, the miracle of all miracles happened - my size back in stock. Without thinking, those bad boys were in my basket. Officially my smallest (and cheapest!) ASOS order ever.

Hopefully they’ll be the perfect substitute for my black Primark courts which stretched with wear and alas, won’t stay on my feet any more. Being ASOS, I expect the quality to be tons better and fingers crossed, they’ll actually last. Plus they have a wedge rather than a heel – satisfying my love of wedges (both potato and otherwise!)

Sunday 12 February 2012

Love is...

When you find that special someone, you just want to be with them 24/7. Life suddenly seems all the more better, simply by being with them. Just a few of the things I love most about relationships:

Falling asleep in each other’s arms

Breakfast in bed

Being hugged from behind

Shared showers

Slow dances

Walks in the woods

Cooking together

Spending the whole day in bed together

Play wrestling

Naked days

Those silly moments

Not being able to get enough of each other

Being kissed on the neck

Playful times

Being silly together

Holding hands

Road trips / driving around

Hanging out with his mates

Just laying around

Going to events together

Cute texts that make you smile

Surprise gifts - just because he felt like it

Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt - and nothing else

All images from weheartit

Sunday 5 February 2012

Sales: a summary

The January sales. What did you make of them? I’ve spotted some pretty sweet buys on all your blogs :) Did anyone else feel that they were a bit a shambles this year? The savings weren’t even that great. £5 off a skirt? Oh why thank you. How very generous of you. And I recognised so much old stock. Last year’s rejects no doubt.

I dedicated one day to get my sales fix. The day was executed with military precision. Up at silly o’clock, there at silly o’clock and done late morning before all the crowds and craziness. Here’s a summary of my January purchases:


Still in possession of many Primark vouchers (incentive for doing a Primark survey), I couldn’t resist this bed throw - a total steal at £3!

Plus a couple of pairs of wellie socks – a nudge to book up for a festival this year!

They’re perfect for lining boots in this cold snap we’re having at the moment.

River Island:

I bought this River Island skirt and it’s a few sizes too big. Like on a drastic scale. Why do we do this to ourselves? Crazy low prices can inspire such madness sometimes! 
But it was only £5 and I can easily sew it in.


This Topshop coat and boots had to be returned. LOVED the wedges but they were pointed and far too narrow. Think they would’ve crippled me. The coat had really annoying hook and eye fastenings and was way too much hassle to deal with. I did however keep a black mini skirt which I can’t find *rubbish blogger* It’s a size smaller than I usually take (oh the joys of sale stock…) but it fits like a glove. It’s so refreshing to be able to wear a non-flippy skirt that doesn’t everyone give everyone an eyeful when it’s windy out!

French Connection:

Originally £180, I paid next to nothing for these in the sale thanks to a generous reduction and a French Connection voucher I already had. I do like Chelsea boots but was after something a little bit different to the ones you see on everyone. I love the strap detailing – an added quirk that satisfies the rock chick in me. If you like them, they’re still selling them on - but for £126. Silly.


As much as I love Yankee candles, I can’t justify spending that much on candles. I jumped at the chance to buy their mango and peach scented candles for £3.22 

And I was lusting after this gift set before Christmas - but I was never going to spend £20 for a pack of sampler sizes:

I was ecstatic to find them reduced down to half price in the sale. Christmas cookie, Mountain pine… I’m all set for Christmas next year. WIN.


I don’t really go to Boots for jewellery but I couldn’t resist this ring. I love the design so much. I think this is the sort of ring I’d choose out if I ever got married / engaged. Except with nicer stones instead of these cheapo ones that keep falling off!

I also feel the need to share the late Christmas presents I received from friends:

Very cute mug and hot chocolate set

Another mug which sums me up well

Check out my friend’s awesome knitting skills! 
Such a cute and alternative way to decorate a gift!

Last but not least... this cookery book which I 
have been experimenting with this weekend:

Raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes.

They just melt in your mouth. NOM.