Sunday 12 February 2012

Love is...

When you find that special someone, you just want to be with them 24/7. Life suddenly seems all the more better, simply by being with them. Just a few of the things I love most about relationships:

Falling asleep in each other’s arms

Breakfast in bed

Being hugged from behind

Shared showers

Slow dances

Walks in the woods

Cooking together

Spending the whole day in bed together

Play wrestling

Naked days

Those silly moments

Not being able to get enough of each other

Being kissed on the neck

Playful times

Being silly together

Holding hands

Road trips / driving around

Hanging out with his mates

Just laying around

Going to events together

Cute texts that make you smile

Surprise gifts - just because he felt like it

Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt - and nothing else

All images from weheartit


  1. lovely post! :) just laying around and road trips are my favourite! x

  2. The boy and I make our own valentines day either the weekend before or after because we don't see each other during the week!

    I do love valentines day though whether it's on the day or not!


  3. This post made me smile, especially the funny moments in the supermarket shot.

  4. aww lovely images, I love all those things about relationships too <3 x

  5. This is such a cute post! Hope you had a lovely V Day x

  6. such a cute post! I have to say I wish I looked as cute and sexy when I was doing half of those things !
    girl v. london


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