Sunday 30 October 2011

The devil makes work for idle hands

I’ve decided that working full-time is healthy for my bank balance. And not for the obvious reason of more hours = more money. But because I’m usually too knackered to trek around the shops after work, and too lazy to trawl through pages and pages of online fashion. I think my folks have been impressed with the lack of parcels gracing our front door.

Then my contract at work ended... *cue shopping marathon*

An ASOS sale purchase - this satchel should hopefully 
add a pop of colour into my (mainly black) wardrobe!

H&M sleeveless white shirt

 H&M mocha chunky knit - which looks very Alexa 
Chung with the shirt collar poking out underneath

Not one but two pairs of H&M denim shorts 
- they fit so well, I couldn't resist!

You can never have too much denim!

+ a free H&M gift card that I was handed by a member of H&M staff
... which I exchanged for these:

A lint remover - which is clearly being put to good use(!)
And stockings... you can never go wrong with stockings!

In good news: I got a new job! I’m now working in publishing / the media and hopefully will get to do some geeky IT stuff *rubs hands together*

Had a week free before my start date so took off for a few days – why not? Found me a last minute deal and hurriedly threw some things into packed a suitcase. Holiday summary to follow! 

Monday 10 October 2011

Make your mark, Primark

Occasionally in my spare time I do market research to generate some extra cash. Every little helps right? I usually apply for the ones I like / am eligible for however this time a lady approached me: how would I like x amount of pounds and free clothes from a well known high street store? Er… yes please!

They swiftly sent me some vouchers asking me to go forth and spendeth. At a later date I would need to attend a focus group where we would need to do a show and tell on our purchases and talk about the brand.

So far so good.

I then learnt that the well known high street store was in fact Primark and had mixed feelings about it. On one hand I was happy as I knew the vouchers should go far there - but then on the other hand, I was a little disappointed. Primark isn’t one of my favourite stores. The crowds and queues just kill me.

Another kick in the proverbial balls was that I had been told to shop in the London Oxford Street store. The stuff of nightmares. The crowds, the queues… and not all that impressive stock wise considering it’s a flagship store.

So one Saturday morning, I got up at the crack of dawn, gritted my teeth and got my game face on. I was amazed at how expensive Primark seems to be getting. It’s not crazy expensive but it’s pricey for the quality you’re getting. I found it so hard to make my vouchers stretch. In the end I had to fork out a little bit of my own money just so I could afford my basket(!)

Here’s a sneak peek of my purchases:

I didn’t even stop to think about the bag. It was tan. It was fairisle. DONE.

The top I initially loved but am considering returning as I’m not sure about the keyhole neckline. Maybe I’ll do a bit of DIY and cut the neckline lower.

These stacked heels were an absolute bargain for a mere £18. 
Boohoo, Topshop and New Look sell similar ones but they are quite a bit more.

I got the royal blue ones but they also had some in burgundy. I tried them on and had quite the audience of women around me ooh-ing and ahh-ing. After being told numerous times that they looked incredible on me, I couldn’t ignore that voice in my head screaming “buy them!” any more. Those bad boys went back into my basket and that was that.

I must add that later after having paid at the tills, I did spot some of the aforementioned women clutching the very same pair of shoes and heading to the tills. It did make me laugh! I'm a terrible influence! ;)

The actual survey was fine. The last minute kick in the teeth was that they paid us in Primark vouchers rather than £££ :( I found that the heels and bag I purchased helped me get over this annoyance very quickly. Here they are in action:

Next time I’ll be heading to a far quieter branch me thinks!   

Sunday 2 October 2011

Is it chocolate? Is it a necklace? // presenting the KitKat necklace

This week I received a lovely little parcel in the post from Anouska of Junkie Lovers Boutique

With the tissue paper packaging wrapped that neatly, it seemed a crime to rip it open - but boy, am I glad I did!

Joy and behold this beaut I found inside. I am somewhat of a chocoholic so this necklace was the perfect choice.

This handmade KitKat creation, you could tell it had been crafted with care. And so realistic too – it will take all of my strength not to nibble at it at some point(!) Junkie Lovers Boutique also offers two other mouth-watering designs for all chocoholics out there – Toblerone and Dairy Milk:

 Images from the Junkie Lovers Boutique website

Stocking a variety of necklaces, brooches, bracelets and rings, Junkie Lovers Boutique has something for everyone.

The positives

  • Shipping is offered at an astounding £1.50 – bargain!
  • Fast delivery – I was so impressed with how quickly I received the parcel
  • The chain is a good length. It’s not too short so it won’t choke you – but at the same time, it’s not going to get in the way like some of the insanely long necklaces on sale out there.
  • Just how much it looks like chocolate. There are a few patches of colour variation like what you would get on an actual bar of chocolate:

Any negatives?

Not necessarily a negative, but a valid enough point... I like a lot of things on the website but at £10 or so a pop, I wouldn't be able to afford many things in one go.

To conclude this review, I always think it’s nice to see how things look on. Yes, my photos of the necklace artistically draped over flowers were awesome, but they won’t give you an idea of dimensions, how it hangs and etc.

Apologies but I don’t have a “photographer” at / on hand nor do I own a tripod, so you’ll have to put up with a pretty awful self taken photo. Here goes…

As well as the necklace, I'm wearing my trusty shorts, tan wedges and a light weight knitted top that I got in Republic a few years ago. A bit of a silly idea really what with the Indian summer we've got in the UK at the moment. I did change into a short sleeved sheer blouse very soon afterwards!

I love the length of the necklace – it tucks into the scallop detailing on my top beautifully. Also the fact that it stands out is great – I find that most necklaces tend to get lost in my hair (I have lots of hair).

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Anouska for sending me this delight. I adore it and will be wearing it every chance I get 

Please note: Other than the Junkie Lovers Boutique stock photos of the Toblerone and Dairy Milk, all of the photos / pictures used are my own. Please do not reuse / circulate without my permission first.