Thursday, 16 May 2019

The bargain marble fireplace that only cost £10 / $13

I love a fireplace, me. When house hunting, high on my wish list was a fireplace to cosy up to of an evening. However in the end, the perfect property (sans living room fireplace) prevailed. The character properties we viewed with fireplaces and high ceilings were narrow and needed A LOT of work. The house we put an offer on (and won - hooray!) had a generous foot print with good sized rooms but lacked character features (a fair enough compromise). There was a chimney breast, but it was in the back of the property (well, the kitchen) with no fireplace to speak of at the front of the house. Without a fireplace, our living room lacked a focal point. Which is when I broached the subject with the man of the house.

Mr Curiouser & Curiouser: "Why do we need a fireplace?"

Don't try and talk to men about focal points and how the TV shouldn't be THE focus of the room. Because men love their TVs and you uttering these words is blasphemous.

And men certainly don't understand the joy of decorating a mantel piece with foliage at Christmas, or the joy having a stone hearth so you can actually display your sizable candle collection and burn them safely rather than precariously balancing them on a fabric ottoman, trying not to set the house alight.

Source: as found here
Source: as found here
Source: as found here

Mr C & C: "You do realise it wouldn't be functional, don't you? And that we don't actually have a chimney breast there?"

Well yeah. 

Mr C & C: "where will the TV go?" (again with the precious TV)

Me: "maybe in the corner?" (we have a completely empty other side of the room which gets zero use and is wasted space)

Mr C & C: "isn't that a bit far away?"

Me: "what about by the window?"

Mr C & C: "it's too bright by the window"

Me: "your parents have their TV by a window"

Mr C & C: "it's still bright"

Me: "well, wall mounted above the fireplace then?"

Mr C & C: "isn't that a bit high up? Won't we be craning our necks?"


Men don't get fireplaces. More so in this case, because it wouldn't be a functional fireplace. Instead it would be imitating the look of one.

Another challenge I had with trying to convince Mr Curiouser and Curiouser is down to the fact that fireplaces are bloody expensive. Brand new these can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Even when refining the search to just fireplace surrounds (the main frame and not the stone insert or hearth). Even when refining the search to used and unwanted models that have been ripped out of people's homes. 


Imagine my joy when one day I found the fireplace surround of dreams on eBay. It had a white surround (a must on my wishlist) with a soft grey marble hearth and wraparound which would match perfectly with my recent marble table DIY project

Expecting the worse, I clicked into the listing and found it was being listed for the surprising sum of £10 (approximately $13 with the current exchange rate). It was for collection only but the seller did have a van and said they would deliver for an additional fee. But even with said delivery fee, this was still peanuts. Excitedly I contacted Mr Curiouser and Curiouser with a link and all the details. Expecting a "not this bollocks again" type of response, he actually came back with the following: "Let's measure up later". SUCCESS.


The fireplace listing had 5 days remaining and no watchers. I refrained from watching the item myself as I didn't want to draw attention to it or ramp up the price. I honestly expected it to rocket in price but when the big day came and it was still listed at £10, I couldn't get too excited, expecting a last minute bidding war.


It was not meant to be. A last minute bidder got in there first (much to Mr Curiouser and Curiouser's relief). So the search for a fireplace continues.

If anyone knows of any secondhand or otherwise affordable fireplaces and fire surrounds that are willing to deliver, holler at your girl. Until then, you'll find me ogling pictures of enviable fireplaces:

Source: as found here
Source: as found here
Source: as found here

Recent research has got me thinking that maybe I could mock up my perfect fireplace surround. That instead of investing in an actual fireplace, I try and DIY my own using a piece of wood for the mantle and then wooden boards for the sides and hearth, covering these in tiles / tile stencils / tile stickers to make the fireplace more of a focal point in the room.

Source: as found here
Source: as found here
Source: as found here

Please tell me that epic fireplaces excite you as much as they do me???!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

How to style an oversized blazer

* I received a complimentary item for review purposes but opinions and love of blazers all my own!

There's something about a blazer that always makes you feel a little more put together, don't you think? I can wear a simple white tee with black skinny jeans and look all plain Jane, but add a blazer and you feel like you can conquer the world.

And what's better than a blazer? A military style blazer (gold buttons really satisfy my magpie tendencies!)

White military blazer* (currently in the sale!)

As much as I love an oversized blazer, it does require careful styling so that it looks less scientist's lab coat, more borrowed from your boyfriend / fiancĂ© / husband (hence why you may sometimes hear it fondly referred to as a boyfriend blazer!)

The key to styling an oversized blazer is to keep your body as slimline as possible to provide that contrast between a loose-fitting top layer and more closely fitting under layers.

  • baggy culottes
  • wearing the same colour on your lower half
  • big knitted jumpers
  • wearing too many layers

The moral of the story? If you go for shapeless items under a less structured jacket, you are just adding bulk.

  • Slim fit trousers / jeans / leggings to balance the weight of the top of your frame (i.e the blazer)
  • A little skirt / shorts would also do the trick here
  • Draw attention to your waist with high waited trousers, paper bag waist styles and / or a waist belt to highlight your slimmest point.
  • Lace and girly details -  counterbalance a masculine fit jacket with feminine details underneath (think lacy camisoles)
  • Bare legs for a contrast between nakedness and non nakedness. Tread with caution as very oversized styles can make you look naked underneath!

In my case, I styled my blazer with high waisted military style shorts which ticked the following boxes:

  • High waisted to draw attention to my waist
  • Colour contrast between the jacket and shorts so it doesn't look too samey
  • Contrast of showing some skin on my lower half and being covered up on my top half
  • Matching a miltary style jacket with miltary style shorts
  • A strapless bandeau top underneath gives the look a little more femininity than a regular tee
  • The fitted strapless top and shorts combo resembles a playsuit and creates a slimline silhouette

Do you like a good blazer?
A huge thank you to Fashion World for providing me with the blazer of dreams!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The saffron skirt that radiates sunshine even when the sun isn't out

* I received a complimentary item for review purposes but opinions and love of pleated skirts are all my own!

"Lucy, do you need another black top?" one of my best friends asks despairingly.

Later that day I rummage through my wardrobe - which admittedly is filled with whites, blacks and greys - and I start to see her point.

It's not that I hate colour. On the contrary. It's just that I have never felt confident enough to wear bold colours. Black has always been fail proof for me in that it's classic, flattering and works for all occasions. As are whites and greys. Hence the predominantly black, white and grey wardrobe that I have accumulated over the years.

But times are a-changing people.

Ignoring the fact that I painted my bedroom grey (let's let that one slide), I am being much braver with colour around the house. I painted my lounge a beautiful deep teal colour (a far cry from its previous magnolia state), and have picked out a beautifully rich shade of aubergine for the home office. Not only that, but my wardrobe is coming along leaps and bounds too.

Introducing the saffron pleated maxi skirt of dreams.

And just some of the 1,456,745 reasons why I am loving this skirt:

  • It radiates sunshine even when the sun isn't out (which is like, 90% of the time here in the UK)
  • It's also a great autumnal colour - meaning it will still get plenty of wear post spring / summer
  • It has a elasticated waistband - rendering it perfect for the sheer amount I eat
  • It doesn't give you a bulbous waist / hips like some pleated skirts do 
  • It's velvet and silky smooth - not that scratchy horrible feeling kind
  • It's lightweight and has been the perfect thickness for the hot snap we've had here in the UK lately

I know what you're thinking. It's from that notoriously sought after online fashion brand where all the swoon worthy pleated skirts seem to come from. WRONG.

Introducing Fashion World. An online fashion retailer (a trading style of JD Williams) which stocks UK sizes 10-32, meaning there really is something for everyone. I have always had the greatest respect for fashion retailers who refuse to put a label / size limit on fashion, and who make fashion accessible to all.

I have had so many compliments on this skirt and people naturally (and wrongly!) assume that it is from that renowned online fashion brand that I alluded to earlier. Which is the greatest compliment to Fashion World as the skirt both looks and feels a lot more expensive than its £30 asking price.

And know this: this skirt comes in two colours. 
And I opted for the saffron over the black.
My friend would be so proud.