Tuesday 28 May 2019

Father's Day gift inspiration with I Just Love It

* Product received for review purposes but as ever, all opinions are my own!

My Dad has had a bit of a time of it lately, bless him. Last year he wasn't in the best of health and had two operations, and then only went and bloody got pneumonia after his second op, didn't he? Then fast forward to the other week where he went in for a third op. When I Just Love It got in touch offering to treat my Dad for Father's Day, I couldn't think of a better person to receive a gift!

I Just Love It is an online gift company who specialise in personalised gifts, making items that extra little bit special. Items range from BBQ tools, photo frames, tool boxes, beer caddies and DIY tools, most of which have personalisation options. They also have an extensive range of alcohol gift sets so no matter whether you're into wine, cider, prosecco or whisky, there's something for everybody.

Under normal circumstances I would have gone down the alcohol route as my Dad loves beer or a good bottle of red wine, however given his recent op, he needs to play it safe. Which is when Plan B came in.

My Dad is seriously into football and more specifically Spurs (North London and proud!) I Just Love It have an amazing range of personalised football books and guides for a wide variety of football teams, and also have bottles of cider, wine and champagne specific to your favourite team. The problem with buying the ultimate football fan a football related book is the age old question: "does he already have this one?!"

As luck may have it, I found a book very similar to my favourite One Line A Day book that I use, which instead would allow him to look back at past proud memories and achievements of his favourite team.

Personalised Spurs On This Day book *

Sized at 12 x 19cm and embossed with gold lettering, this is a football book with a difference. They do stipulate on the website that the cover colour may be subject to change (it's white on the listing here) and to be completely honest, I was a little disappointed with the colour that I received. It's just my opinion, but I think the white and gold combination looks a lot more expensive and special. Whilst I have nothing against the colour blue, I just don't feel like the blue used is very 'Spurs' and it makes the product look quite cheap (it photographs better than it looks in person). I feel that a darker blue like a navy would look more striking against the gold lettering (but that's just my opinion). Saying that, my Dad likes ALL types of blue and will love it (and that's the most important thing!).

The phrase "never judge a book by its cover" has never been so apt. Once you get past the cover, it's a great little read. I can't possibly comment on the content as I know next to nothing about football(!), however the text is a good size and looks very readable (something very important to me whenever I choose out a new book!)

The personalisation aspect of the gift was what won me over the most. I often give my Dad books, but never before has he received a book with his name embossed on the front in big gold letters (note: I have given my Dad anonymity here)

I'm seeing my Dad next weekend and am really excited to present this book to him and see his reaction! I just know that it will be something he will treasure forever. If you need a last minute Father's Day gift, do check out I Just Love It's extensive Father's Day range here.

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