Thursday 9 May 2019

How to style an oversized blazer

* I received a complimentary item for review purposes but opinions and love of blazers all my own!

There's something about a blazer that always makes you feel a little more put together, don't you think? I can wear a simple white tee with black skinny jeans and look all plain Jane, but add a blazer and you feel like you can conquer the world.

And what's better than a blazer? A military style blazer (gold buttons really satisfy my magpie tendencies!)

White military blazer* (currently in the sale!)

As much as I love an oversized blazer, it does require careful styling so that it looks less scientist's lab coat, more borrowed from your boyfriend / fiancĂ© / husband (hence why you may sometimes hear it fondly referred to as a boyfriend blazer!)

The key to styling an oversized blazer is to keep your body as slimline as possible to provide that contrast between a loose-fitting top layer and more closely fitting under layers.

  • baggy culottes
  • wearing the same colour on your lower half
  • big knitted jumpers
  • wearing too many layers

The moral of the story? If you go for shapeless items under a less structured jacket, you are just adding bulk.

  • Slim fit trousers / jeans / leggings to balance the weight of the top of your frame (i.e the blazer)
  • A little skirt / shorts would also do the trick here
  • Draw attention to your waist with high waited trousers, paper bag waist styles and / or a waist belt to highlight your slimmest point.
  • Lace and girly details -  counterbalance a masculine fit jacket with feminine details underneath (think lacy camisoles)
  • Bare legs for a contrast between nakedness and non nakedness. Tread with caution as very oversized styles can make you look naked underneath!

In my case, I styled my blazer with high waisted military style shorts which ticked the following boxes:

  • High waisted to draw attention to my waist
  • Colour contrast between the jacket and shorts so it doesn't look too samey
  • Contrast of showing some skin on my lower half and being covered up on my top half
  • Matching a miltary style jacket with miltary style shorts
  • A strapless bandeau top underneath gives the look a little more femininity than a regular tee
  • The fitted strapless top and shorts combo resembles a playsuit and creates a slimline silhouette

Do you like a good blazer?
A huge thank you to Fashion World for providing me with the blazer of dreams!

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