Thursday 19 April 2012

The early bird gets the worm

The Topshop sale is now on!

I must admit, I was a little sceptical about their up and coming sale based on yesterday previews. That email promising you exclusivity and to “shop the sale before anyone else” gives you a little wave of excitement. The reality: a very poor selection and any useful sizes had already sold out.

This morning however is a whole other ball game. They have flippy skirted dresses. They have lace. They have pleated skirts. They have knitwear left, right and centre. Here’s a selection of what I picked up:

Have probably ordered more than I should have done...
But I blame morning tiredness and it being so damn early. 
The tiredness can only explain the madness of why I also ordered these:

Everyone needs an obligatory what-the-hell-were-you-thinking purchase in their basket, right?! Whilst I probably wouldn’t brave these as shorts, I’d happily team them with a long tee. I love the foil effect and the I’ve-got-in-a-paintball-fight-whilst-on-acid feel to them!


  1. woo hoo for the toppers sale

  2. I love those paintball pants! They're super weird but totally awesome.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I'm not sure if the U.S. site and the U.K. site have the same things, but I'm not overly impressed from what I see on the U.S. one! I'd never buy anything anyway because A) I'm broke, and B) the returns aren't very easy. But the stuff you found is stunning (especially that dress! The yellow one!). I don't see any of that left. Glad you got it when you did!

    P.S. The Hunger Games is definitely better than Twilight, in m opinion. If you read it, you WILL get sucked in. Trust me. So seriously, if you're going to (which you should!), clear your schedule!

  4. Ooh, looks like you got a pretty impressive haul from the Topshop sale, I got a couple of bits from instore today, but the selection online is definitely more impressive, might have to sneak in a couple of purchases!
    I think the foiled leggings would be pretty easy to style with a long tee :) xx

  5. Love what you picked up! I really want those leggings too, they're just so shiny! x

  6. Wow you got some good stuff! haha those pants are amazing. I had a look but what I wanted was already sold out.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love all of those dresses! You've picked up some GREAT things!

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments! x x

  9. love your blog :)

    Klaudia B.

  10. I was so good and resisted the Toppers sale, don't know how long this will last though haha! You got some gorgeous bits, love the short suit. And why wouldn't you buy those shorts, I think they're amazing! xxx

  11. Love this!
    Great post dear!

  12. We just love Topshop! Always great when there's a sale!

    ox from NYC!


  13. I am trying to stay away from the sales because they are bad for my bank balance, I think everything will be gone by now as well :| xxx


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