Thursday 20 June 2013

My Topshop sale picks

Why hello there Topshop sale! I woke up optimistic as their sale preview was quite promising yesterday - but in all honesty, I haven't exactly been blown away today. It's also been a highly frustrating morning as their site kept crashing and deciding that I wasn't allowed to view my basket or go to checkout. At one point I very nearly gave up. But I never give up. I'm a determined little cookie. 

My top picks:

White lace dress: White lace... a timeless classic - the long sleeves rendering it perfect for all times of the year come rain or shine.

White jeans: White jeans aren't meant to be the most flattering of trousers... but how do you know if you don't try?! LET'S DO THIS.

Khaki trousers: Not what I'd usually go for but I love how they look with the rolled up leg. So I added to my basket. Along with the shoes (non sale). Oops.

Macrame dress: Chances are this will be far too short on me. But hey, I can always wear as a top. Dress, you WILL be loved.

Underwear set: "Duck egg" is such an odd sounding colour but gawd is it beautiful! The colouring makes me thinks of Alice in Wonderland. WIN.

Sister Jane blouse: Last but not least, I picked up this Sister Jane blouse. I love a simple white shirt / blouse and the embellished neckline was too beautiful to ignore!

Have you found any good sale bargains lately?


  1. I love that Sister Jane blouse!

  2. i love the underwear set and i might have to see if they still have the macramé dress in my size! x

    1. Any luck with finding one? You'd rock it with your awesome shoe collection! x x

  3. OH I LOVE THE White lace dress x

    1. They had it in bright blue too - I was tempted but figured I had enough in my basket already! x x

  4. I haven't even dared checked out the Topshop sale yet, way too broke for that! The trouble with their sale is I find I buy stuff because I think 'It's cheap for Topshop' and then I get it home and am like 'What is this crap?' haha! I love that underwear set though, Alice was the exact thought I had as well when I saw it! xxx

    1. So true! But then I find that with any sale. Apparently you're meant to ask yourself the question: "would I still buy this if it wasn't in the sale?" and if you answer "no", you should step away! x x

  5. Bonjour,
    Cette lingerie est magnifique, un côté "Marie-Antoinette" ;D
    Sylvie ♥


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