Thursday 19 July 2018

Beautiful interiors (and flowers!) at the Sweetpea & Willow showroom

Being a long time admirer of Sweetpea & Willow, I was really excited to receive an invite to the Sweetpea & Willow showroom (I even took a half day off of work because that's how much I love the brand!)

Sweetpea & Willow are an award winning luxury French style furniture boutique. I was really hoping to see one of their beautiful Eichholtz Trapezium chairs in the flesh and I wasn't disappointed (but more on that later!)

We were welcomed with a cocktail which on a Friday lunchtime was a lovely way to mark the end of another week. But first things first, please can we talk about the Sweetpea & Willow bar? Yes, you heard me. Bar. I'm not talking some pop-up temporary bar or a table with drinks on it. I'm talking an official here-to-stay type bar. Willow's bar was very aesthetically pleasing with dark inky surfaces, gold geometric shelving and velvet bar stools in rich jewel tones. And please can we talk about the flowers? This beautiful display was set up by no other than Stems and Bows who deserve a pat on the back, don't you think?

Our first taste of Sweetpea & Willow furnishings were two sofas round by the bar area - one light pink and the other in a royal blue sort of colour.

Drink in hand, I wandered through the showroom
(I'm going to take you along with me, if I may?)

Upon entry, there were a couple of living room set-ups in neutral tones with cream and grey sofas.

Walking through to the first room, we went from neutrals to a stunningly dark room with atmospheric lighting, velvet seating, and touches of gold. It was the epitome of luxury.

Looking around, it felt like being in a luxe hotel. Particularly this little corner I found:

And how wonderful is this gold lighting? This is exactly the sort of thing I want to hang in our living room - tt would make such a statement against our dark inky blue walls!

Do I need a statement gold sideboard? No. 
Do I now want a statement gold sideboard? Yes.

On a side note, whilst I was admiring said sideboard, I plonked myself down on the blue velvet recliner next to it and oh my. I assumed that a button back wouldn't make for comfortable sitting (like with some Chesterfield sofas), but I was WRONG. I could have quite easily fallen asleep on the recliner / chaise lounge / blue sofa thing there and then.

In every room, the next room ahead of you was framed like a picture through each door frame.

Moving across to the next room, there was a shift back to light and airy interiors with a sandy coloured floor and natural textures like jute rugs and baskets. My favourite thing in this room had to be the over-sized coffee table of dreams (it could quite literally fit ALL the interiors magazines) and the ridiculously comfy grey sofa (I bear witness to how squishy and comfy it was).

Next up: beautiful paneled walls (wall panels make a white wall all the more interesting, don't you think?) a cream sofa and the most beautiful light fitting (again, exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for!)

Just opposite, the ultimate wow factor sofa. I have never considered a green sofa before, but this beautiful velvet number converted me! I loved the black outline present in most aspects of the room - the picture frames on the walls, the lantern style lighting, the sideboard, the patterns on the rug - meaning that every item married together well.

I love open plan living and right behind the sofa was my kind of dining area with dark walls, opulent lighting and touches of green against a wooden dining table

Swivel 90 degrees and voila, a little blue corner with really striking blue seating. Don't you just love the stud detailing?

Further around the corner yet again, an open plan living arrangement with the comfiest bright white sofa. The sort of thing I dream of owning if I didn't have a certain little cat who sheds ALL THE FUR. I respected where it was positioned (under the stairs) because in our local area, many of the houses have this sort of layout where your living area is directly beneath your staircase - meaning that I could visualise this arrangement working outside of the showroom.

How cute are these signs? I was also admiring the colour of the the walls as I've just painted my bedroom this colour, and seeing the furniture and gallery wall against it, I left feeling inspired!

And finally I found them! I didn't get a chance to see or sit on the sofa version, but it was great to try out the armchairs. I was so sure that they'd be style over substance. And by that I mean that although the shell design looks gorgeous, I didn't think the ridges would make for a comfortable back to the chair. I sat on them and found myself exclaiming to random passers by: "they are so much comfier than I imagined!!!". Also as a side note, how amazing in the artwork on the wall behind?! I can't decide which I prefer out of the black or the white.

Next on the agenda: climb the stairway to heaven (oh I do love a pink neon sign!)

Upstairs I found the bed section which was a serene haven and I could have quite easily climbed into any of the beds and caught 40 winks there and then. I loved the soft, muted colour palette of light greys and pinks with mirrored furniture, lighting and accessories for a luxe, boutique hotel feel.

This blanket box caught my eye as I have looking for something just like this for the end of my bed in the hopes that the cats will sleep there instead of attacking my feet at night (sad but true). Light grey is such a soothing colour for a bedroom, and any extra space for storage is quite frankly, a godsend.

My favourite chair again, but this time in blue (still can't decide which colour is my favourite!) I loved this mirrored dressing table but is it weird that I'd want this in my hallway as a console table? The drawers are so handy for things like keys and the mail.

Headboard heaven! How cute is the fan design? I don't currently have a headboard but one day I'd love to have a statement headboard. I read in bed a lot as part of my bed time routine, so having a higher back to my bed would be tons more comfortable to sit against.

How beautiful is this pink headboard?

A super soft headboard would also be great to be propped against for morning cups of tea. And speaking of breakfast in bed, how cute are these trays?

So far all these beds have been very 'adult', but there was also a children's corner with soft textures, bunnies and balloons filled with feathers

I'd love a cosy little nook like this in my house! It'd be perfect for curling up with a book

What struck me is usually when you hear the word "showroom", you think exactly that. That it's a room for show. Pretty, swoonworthy furniture that you can only look at, not touch. This wasn't the case at all with the S&W showroom. What struck me (and many others remarked on this too) is how homely it felt. I could imagine so many pieces from the collection in my own home, and it was refreshing being able to touch and even sit on pieces of furniture like the sofas.

Refreshments included a choice of summery cocktails at the bar and some of the best stone baked pizza I've ever eaten thanks to Dough & Deer. I tried them all (guilty) and couldn't possibly have picked a favourite (they were ALL good). I'd never tried venison salami before, but it was delicious! The lovely guys at Dough & Deer very kindly made me a pizza from scratch which I could take away with me (50/50 Portobello and Doughy Deer if you're asking!). M. tried it when I got home and he was equally impressed with their dough and that is high praise indeed, for he is a pizza connoisseur.

Before leaving, I stopped by the guest book to leave my mark

Pizza box in my hands, I was waiting for my coat and about to leave, to which Jacquie exclaimed "you can't leave without your goodie bag!" I have been extremely fortunate to have been to a fair few events since starting this little space of mine 8 years ago, and the words "goodie bag" can vary. Usually it's a paper bag filled with leaflets, a promotion USB and some chocolate if you're lucky. When Jacquie came outside clutching this huge straw bag with a cushion peeping out, I was bowled over by what a generous and thoughtful goodie bag this was.

 [ Both basket and cushion now sold out ]
But it didn't end there! The basket was filled with pencils, a gorgeous soft grey Elizabeth Scarlett cushion with gold pineapple embroidery and matching pouch, a beautiful marbled candle from Lene Bjerre, some coasters, a lovely personalised letter addressed to me, and cleverly, a packet of sweet-pea seeds.

I got home and my cats adored everything as much as I did. 
Do you know how difficult it was to get a picture without a cat in it? 


What are your favourite rooms and items from this post?

If you fancy visiting the Sweetpea & Willow showroom yourself, I am popping directions and opening times for the showroom below. Or alternatively if you can't make it across to Isleworth and have your eye on any of the products I featured in this post, head on over to the Sweetpea & Willow website here and enter discount code LUCY10 for a cheeky 10% off your order.

15 Metro Centre,
St John's Rd

Nearest station: Isleworth

Opening times:
Monday - Friday only
9am - 4.30pm

Use discount code LUCY10 on the Sweetpea & Willow website for 10% off

A huge thank you you to Sweetpea & Willow for having me as their guest, and of course to all the wonderful suppliers responsible for the floral displays, food and our goodie bags!


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