Saturday 6 October 2012

The truth about returns

I went to Topshop with the sole intention of making a return. I just wanted to go straight in, get it sorted, and go. The reality? I got distracted. But life is too short to have regrets.

 Anything with cats and I am SOLD.

I'd never seen anything like this before.
I love anything that's a little bit different!

Why are returns rarely ever purely returns? 

How do so many turn into exchanges? Why are we so incapable of going to a store, heading straight to the customer services desk and handing over our unwanted items?

High street stores have meticulously planned out the shop floor layout meaning that it is nigh on impossible to enter the store and see the tills right there in-front of you. Instead, you will have to bob and weave through a maze of clothing rails which are all so closely packed together, you will elbow something off a hanger or catch something with your bag. You feel obliged to pick it up and hang it back up again, but what's this? 

Oh it's actually a little bit gorgeous. 

You feel obliged to hang onto it so that no one else snaps it up (besides, do you know how rare it is that they have your size in stock? It's in your size, it must be a sign). You try to talk yourself out of it but it's not happening. You've probably got an armful of other bits at this stage anyway. You've already lost the fight.

The alarming thing is that with exchanges, it doesn't feel like money is involved. 

Yes, you've spent that money originally but in the heat of the moment we seem to forget all about this. It's like free money. Or having a gift card or something.

There's also the guilt that comes with making a return. 

Especially when the item(s) in question is / are gorgeous. You get that look from the sales assistant that says: "you're mad to be returning this..." And then comes the questions where you are asked why are you returning said item(s). Cue the awkwardness where you don't really want to explain how it's too small / the zip wouldn't go all the way up / it wouldn't fit over your head. You're made to feel like such a villain. Even after giving your reasons, they will continue to probe: "anything wrong with it?" They're always so damn suspicious.

You should be elated to have the money credited back to your account but that's not your initial thought (well, not mine anyway). You feel bad for returning so many items and creating such a long queue that is snaking around the store. So we exchange. Because they - the shop folks - like you then. They've succeeded in keeping some of your money plus it's validation that their in-store visual merchandising is effective.

Does anyone else find it difficult to avoid temptation when making a return? Please share your stories and experiences!


  1. This is so true, this always happens to me too. Such a fun post :) Love it!

  2. Thanks Niina! :) I know, stores shouldn't be so tempting! x x

  3. Oh my God, yes! I've just given up returning stuff and keep them now in the hope that one day I'll change my mind about it and wear it (never happens much money wasted!) xxx

    1. I'm the same! I have so many unworn things in my wardrobe still with labels attached... trying to eBay them though so they're not a total waste! x x

  4. So many times I've gone into return items and then I come out walking with something new - it's a vicious cycle I tell you! Those slippers are stunning, I just want to pop them on my feet!

    1. They come highly recommended! They have fleecy lining and are so warm and comfy! They do other variations too like leopard print and some French style velvety slippers but I chose the black cats as I have two black cats at home :) x x

  5. I'm good with returns most of the time! But I always end up spending the money from the return on something else within seconds haha xo

  6. Helloo!! I am just bobbing by to say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my little blog and i love this post!!! You are so right. Returning is never really a return. Or in my case, if i actually make a successful return…i then leave the shop thinking 'riiight now so technically i have £xx to spend…..' lol

    Lovely post xxxx


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